Wednesday, April 4, 2012

StreetDance 2 (2012)

First of all, I would like to thanks ChurpChurp for the movie screening of StreetDance 2, this movie is about a guy recruiting dancers from around Europe, gather them and win the dance challenge called Final Clash.

Sofia Boutella as Eva, she seems to be very pro in Latin dance and the most hottest hottie in this movie. She taught Ash what is the real meaning of Latin dance and she and Ash slowly fall in love together.

Falk Hentschel as Ash, firstly he embarrass himself in front of the crew, called "Invincible". Eddie try to persuade him and tell him to form a group, then defeat Invincible with the group he formed. At first Ash is only crazy about how to defeat Invincible by thinking only use B-Boy or Hip-Hop dance move. After seeing Eva dance performance, Ash slowly to change his mind and form a Latin dance.

George Sampson as Eddie and Tom Conti as Manu. Eddie is Ash dance crew manager and he also dance inside the crew too. Manu is Eva uncle and can really eat spicy food, he also does some demonstration dance and give some tips to Ash crew when some of the crew members think Latin dance is very funny.

Overall this movie was good, my rating would be 5.5/10. Tell you some weakness [SPOILER] in this movie:
"Doesn't have any crew name, at the end the crew name is Pop Corn Crew."
"Flawless dance move, eye candy is only eyeing on Eva."
"What happen to Eva previous dance partner? It only appear at beginning part of movie and it don't appear right after Eva join Ash."
The Flawless word I used in this movie, Flawless until speechless. There is only 2 part of mistake when they made it on purpose for not being say that the whole movie is perfect. The Final Clash part only appear at the end of the movie and everything in this movie is predictable. (Just saying) If you love to see dance move and understand Latin dance, maybe you should try and watch this movie.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. a dance movie! I will watch it for the dance moves:D

  2. 5.5/10? hmm maybe i should get the DVD instead..:D

  3. A must-watch for street dancers. :p

  4. despite all lousy story line, i still find that the girl dance is seducing! =D

  5. I love dance movies like Step Up, but then also depends on who is the actors/actresses..
    Of course leng zai actors surely attract me more la *grin*

  6. i dont really enjoy this movie coz i dunno how to admire their dance moves lol :(

    Latest: You're Hot and Cold!

  7. Mmmm.... I'm disappointed with the rating as I enjoy watching dance movies & followed quite a few. I expected it to be nice :<

    1. aww dun be sad, still 5.5 is watchable :)

  8. actually no high expectation from this kind of movie one lah..

  9. because they are talking about dancing, first failed and then get demotivated, and then somebody help to get them back on track, and finally win the contest lor.. am i right?? :D

  10. but i really admire those who can dance lor, very ying!! how i wish i also can dance like them..

  11. actually when you give rating, how many points means pass and worth to watch woh.. give us your rating meter please so we can refer mah..

  12. Dont like eve dont like eva, not hot also. LOLOLOLOLOL!!

  13. Nice dance moves. Really simple storyline. Probably dancers don't make very good actors? Love the way they danced though


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