Saturday, March 31, 2012

Titanic 3D (2012)

Titanic, the original release was in year 1997. That time this movie was very famous and my relative bought the DVD and watch at home, maybe that time my place here got too little cinema. Year 1997, I was Primary 4, I am still a kid. Until one day when I was studying in Secondary school, I was looking for some show to watch when I was alone at home, then I realize my parent bought pirated VCD LOL! To enter cinema and watch Titanic one more time, the feeling would be definitely different and more awesome than year 1997 of course! I experience this 3D movie effect in MBO Subang Parade, first time with MBO 3D was very very cool I dare say, and their 3D spec was very comfortable while wearing it. (Remember, I am Four Eye.)

Kate Winslet as Rose and Leonardo Dicaprio as Jack, well I believe everyone know what happen and what is the story about in this movie. I think the story setting and the plot is good enough to persuade audience to watch it good, unlike some people who watch this and fall asleep right middle of the movie, they are really tiring person. Leonardo Dicaprio was very thin and young last time, compare to current looks in year 2012.

I think this movie should rename into "Iceberg VS Titanic" lol . . . the whole freaking almost one hour is showing about the sinking progression about Titanic and showing the expression negative side of humanity. In this movie, you can also see how mighty is their higher ranked and rich people in this ship. You can see how high are them even thou the ship is sinking too!

Overall I think 3D effect was slightly good and I dun think there is too much 3D effect in this movie. No rating for this movie because I think it is too much positive and good critics last time in year 1997. For those who haven't watch this movie in Cinema or TV, you got the chance to experience 3D feeling with Titanic in beginning of April!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

Thanks to ShannonChow for the ticket!


  1. You know what? I never watched it...and I don't think I wanna watch it. :/

  2. wah!! looks like you are now busy watching movies besides playing games huh?? hahahaha..

  3. eih, i tell you, you don't laugh at me.. actually i am one of those 1% people who have not watched Titanic before lor, hahahaha.. so luku hor?? :D

    1. U better go watch it when this movie come out LOL!

  4. i also heard there isn't a lot of 3D effect in this movie lah.. hmmm, just maybe everybody wants to do 3D now, and James Cameron also wants to earn more money~~ :p

  5. You're really fast leh...
    Me too, watched Titanic in DVD in the year 1997. Hehe...

  6. I'm so into titanic... it impressed me until today... so romantic. I even went to watch it in the cinema when I was 6 years old. haha

  7. ooo.. titanic 3D! missed this screening ><

  8. Eh? You wear normal spec with 3D spec ar?
    Never tried before but even just 3D spec I wore before mostly also uncomfortable, make my ears hurt :(


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