Friday, March 23, 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival 亚洲音乐节 2012

Hi! I wonder you guys heard of this concert event called "Tiger Asian Music Festival" or not? Obviously this event is organize by Tiger Beer itself and gather many other Asian Singer and Group such as Paul Wong 黄贯中 & Ka Keung 黄家强 from Beyond, A Yue 张震岳, Mandhand 慢行, A Lin 黃麗玲, Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾, MC Hotdog and LMF! Voices from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia gather in Malaysia and blast their Hits like a boss!

Paul Wong 黄贯中 & Ka Keung 黄家强 from Beyond, who is going to entertain us in this Music Festival with their greatest voice and hits that we never unprepared to listen from them. Since Beyond dismiss since year 2005, Paul and Ka Keung is still active in their Music carrier and creating great music to everyone of us! I would think this Tiger Asian Music Festival is one of the event that must not miss in my life time! Of course you all got listen to their song before, which is called 海阔天空, the super duper long time and all time favorite song for everyone of us!

A Yue 张震岳 is one of the most iconic singer in Taiwan, he rocks, he sing, he author the song and also he play instruments too! He also got corporate with MC Hot Dog to come out with some song, it gain lots of attention from Taiwan Fans! One of his most signature song would be 爱我别走 in year 1998, which is you can heard people nowadays like to sing it in Karaoke.

A Lin 黃麗玲 is a rising star in Taiwan, some people even might called her as next A-Mei 张惠妹. Don't pray-pray, because A-Mei voice is equal as one of the symbol/icon in Taiwan, if A Lin got this kind of nick, I would think that she may bring the hype in this Musical Festival! If no mistaken, her first music album was launch in year 2006

.MC Hotdog is rapper and he is from Taiwan, although his song lyrics is very different from others, but still he still get alot of fans support and he won plenty of award too. Lyrics different as in: gaining bad comments from other professional author or producer. MC Hotdog also corporate with A Yue 张震岳, with this song called 我爱台妹.

Mandhand 慢行 is a group which rap, sing in freestyle, the way they wearing is hip hop style too. One of the famous group in Malaysia, whose getting award like "Best Group" and "Best Original Song Author". Manhand also is a group that with huge amount of fans in Malaysia, one of the group which is cannot be underestimate in this Music Festival! Be Prepared!

LMF!!! The most famous group-STER from Hong Kong, I am so familiar about their song! Their lyrics contain rudeness and vulgar, actually those lyrics is part of their opinion, to reflect towards all the stress and bad influence in Hong Kong. LMF land in Malaysia would be such a miracle, it is like god landing on the most "Holiness" Malaysia! **HYPED MAX**

Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾, *a moment of silent* one the most awesome singer from Taiwan! When he sing high peach voice, he will never tired of it. He use to be a person who don't really speak, even in Funny Entertainment Show, he just keep quiet and the TV host start making fun of him. Slowly, he become very well known because his talent and passion of challenge himself and he success bring himself into whole new level. One of his epic song is 新不了情, the song with full of his feelings and I always sing while I am driving!

Are you ready for this awesome TIGER ASIAN MUSICAL FESTIVAL this coming April? I BET IT IS A YES DON'T CHA?
For me, I would like to watch JAM HSIAO, LMF, BEYOND and all of them perform on the stage!
For more information, kindly visit Tiger AMF website!
Detail would be:
Location: Sunway Lagoon
Date: 14th April, 2012
Time: 6.30pm

DON'T MISS IT! Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. When I read LMF, I thought LMFAO! :P

  2. oh, i think i heard about this either from some other blogs or from newspaper lah.. all the big stars!!

  3. now i only realised there are only two ladies amongst the bunch of guys, haha!! sure this is gonna be some rock music time??

  4. so you are being invited to attend that concert?? wow, so nice hor?? sure you'll jump with excitement with JAM HSIAO, LMF and BEYOND..

  5. It will be a blast for music lovers for sure. I wonder if the eagle...or falcon...will be there? :p

  6. Got Jam Hsiao? Must be a rocking hot festival!

  7. Beyond is still around? Gosh, my hubby is a big fan of the band! This must be a huge event with all the popular stars. Have fun!

  8. OMG A Lin!!! :D i wanna watch, any tics? :P

    Latest: Anything IS Food!

  9. its a brilliant line up of performers! bound to be a good night out for the concertgoers!

  10. too bad.. i don't know any of them and to be honest.. I don't know any of our new artists here too haha ... I stuck myself to old music LOL


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