Thursday, March 29, 2012

pick-me-up, scrumptious desserts and snacks

#1 Hello, it is time to update some food post! Within this few months, there is a sudden trend of Restaurant and Cafe whos only sell desserts, drinks and snack. This is the first time I see this kind of Cafe, name is pick-me-up: whos sell desserts, drinks and snack under one roof! Location is at Kuchai Lama and it is very far from my place, but totally worth it because the dessert taste was very good. (Better than some desserts shop in Subang Jaya, SS15)

#2 pick-me-up counter section, worker is busy preparing the foods for the customer.

#3 Ice Cream Burritos Banana, RM 5.50. One of the hot seller list in pick-me-up, this snack seriously bring up the taste as in making you feel like eating more of it.

#4 Ice Cream Burritos Mango and Oreo Cookie, both also RM 5.50. Those who dislike banana flavor, you can also choose these 2 flavor too.

#5 Chili Chic Quesadilla, RM 8.50. Don't you think this Quesadilla is abit too small for you? You may think this 2 small little pcs of Quesadilla is not enough for you, actually they are very tasty and the contain of Quesadilla got mild spicy chicken meat too.

#6 Chili Fries, RM 8.00. The sauce is similar with Quesadilla, eating with fries would be different and it is a fresh new way to eat it lol.

#7 Cheesy Nachos, RM 4.50. I would think many people would order this, because the cost is low and Nachos is one of the everyone favorite food when they feel like having little snack.

#8 Cheesy Fries, RM 5.50. Bored of eating fries mix with ketchup and chili sauce? Maybe you should try eat with cheese!

#9 Nutella French Toast with Peanut, RM 5.50, additional Ice Cream would be charge around RM 1.00. Nutella? Yes it is Nutella French Toast IN THE HOUSE YO! Whoever didn't eat Nutella before, you can go to pick-me-up and have a try! Totally worth it!

#10 Nutella French Toast with Strawberry, RM 5.50.

#11 Nutella French Toast with Blueberry, RM 5.50, additional Ice Cream would be charge around RM 1.00.

#12 Fruity Tower Shaved Ice (Left) and Taiwanese Tower Shaved Ice (Right), both cost RM 12.90 if no mistaken. I think I prefer Taiwanese Tower Shafe Ice because the soya bean taste is darn great. Fruity Tower is more to fruity sweet and sour, combination of taro ball make the taste more weird! (I use to eat snowflake, maybe Taiwanese Tower Shaved Ice is perfect if compare both of them at the same time)

#13 [1] Soya Milk Ice Taiwanese Dessert, RM 6.50.
[2] Palm Sugar Ice Taiwanese Dessert, RM 6.50.
[3] Blueberry Ice Frozen Yoghurt, RM 6.50.
[4] Mango Ice Frozen Yoghurt, RM 6.50.

#14 Froyo Ice Pick Strawberry Flavor, RM 8.50.

#15 Froyo Ice Pick Blueberry Flavor, RM 8.50.
Froyo Ice Pick is yoghurt, if you love yogurt, sure you would love to eat one of the choice I posted above! Tempting heh? By looking at the QQ Jelly and Cornflakes, it starting to make me drool more than 1ml saliva LOL!

Overall those dessert selling in pick-me-up is awesome, especially Nutella French Toast and Ice Cream Burritos Banana, this 2 snack is totally worth for trying in this pick-me-up cafe. Price value is also one of the cheapest rate in KL/Selangor Area, there is some desserts shops which is cost higher than pick-me-up.

Address: 35, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Kuchai Enterprenuer Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS: 3°5.403'N, 101°41.255'E

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Argh shit lah! All those nice dessert will be opened in subang la, Kuchai Lama la, sungai buloh la...etc...Kian Fai come we open a branch in Setapak area. =)

  2. wakakakaka, yet another dessert shop ah?? wah, now i really know malaysian are craving for desserts so crazily lor~~

  3. also i think it's the influence of social media, everybody wants to order nice (looking) things so that they can take photo and then post them on facebook and blog~~ :p

  4. so this is another snowflake + chatime?? ooopsss, don't have bubble tea, so it's snowflake + snowflake?? wakakaka~~

  5. anyway, other than those shaved ice with bubble and balls.. at least they have something different lah.. the toasts, shaved ice tower and burrito look good woh..

  6. Wah, nowadays the dessert shops really sprout like mushroom after rain. And they ain't cheap *kiamsiap mode*

  7. Wait... that popiah cost RM5.50? Ok, ok.... it got ice cream in it :p

  8. The frozen yogurt looks nice and healthy though.

  9. The ice tower is interesting! I want I want! ;))

  10. Wow...Nutella French Toast with Peanut? Nutella? Shouldn't it be more expensive? :p

  11. the buritos are good looking! bet they taste good...must make my way there since its kinda near to my home too.

  12. Whoh! Go so many sinful food.


    I like the shaved ice tower.

  13. hope they open a branch in pj! :D

  14. Dont care la, must have Burritos next visit!! Argh!!

  15. very fattening~~~~~~~~~ but yummy! only 1 branch in Kuchai Lama?

  16. Wahhh sedap nampak !!! Yum !!
    Especially the Ice Cream Burritos Banana, feeling want to bite it now !! LOL !! :P

    Happy April Fool !!
    It's nice to hear from you in my dreamland after I so long MIA ~ :P

  17. the snacks are nice..but their soya ice taste like directly made from Drinkho...still prefer Snowflake though..


  18. Their ice and snack are superb. Dun even know y people crazy about snowflakes with such quality and high price..



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