Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PETRONAS F1 Grand Prix 2012 Showcase‏

Yo! Just posting about what happen on my previous Sunday Night, I visited KLCC for this event called PETRONAS F1 Grand Prix Showcase. To be frankly over here, I manage absorb so much knowledge about F1 Racing and History about F1, because I am not a big fan about Car Racing actually, and I always race with myself on the road these few months, so it is a right choice to take a sneak peek what is Car Racing all about and what happen in this showcase.

When I was there around 3pm+, there are so many people busy snap photo of the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster and the F1 Racing Car. What I understand from this event is: Formula One World Championship in 1999, the current Malaysian Grand Prix is held at the Sepang International Circuit at Sepang, Malaysia. One of the historical moment that I missed in my life time! (I was Pri-6 on year 1999 LOL!)

This showcase will be available from 17th March 2012 until 25th March 2012, they got sell Engine Oil, Souvenir, T-Shirt and more! Basically everything is from PETRONAS itself. Location is at middle of KLCC, concourse level.

Not to forget to snap a photo with F1 racing car! Is a MUST!

Monster in the House Yo! It is Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster! No wonder there is so many people drop by in this showcase and start snapping it non stop #likeaboss!

A speech by Ms. Ezzan, a short brief about the activities we gonna do on that night and explain about the showcase. 

We get to play the game called "Speed of Sound", all you need to do is follow the frequency by using own volume, need to match with the frequency perfectly so you can score higher point. No worries, you can play at home too! Kindly log on www.petmos.com.my and click "Start Racing Today!", you will get the chance to win merchandise daily from this website by participate this game! To be frankly over here, it is very hard lol! Because my voice keep on disconnected, example: "Ahhh_Ahhh_Ahhh_Ahhh!!" LOL!

So, I wonder how they get the F1 car floating in the air? Oh wait! It is actually not floating in the air, it looks pretty cool to display at the Dewan Filharmonik! When you happen to see the structure above, you might wonder how they get this thing done in the short period, here is a VIDEO to let you know the process about the Making-of The PETRONAS Suspended Formula 1 Cars. There is a sheet of paper attach at the both side of the pillar, which is contain QR Code, easy for smartphone user to view it what is this all about on the spot.

Finally, we arrive at "The Apartment", dinning and Q&A session with PETRONAS Staff. Really have a good time dinning with other bloggers and the goodies from PETRONAS is very unforgettable, especially those who won Q&A question from the Staff.

Seriously I fall in love with this Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster, which is can speed it very hard and tak sampai hati to speed this car at the same time! LOL! Need to take very good care of this car if I own one of them, and after this event, it might make me more appreciate and fall into interest of this coming up F1 Racing event!

For more information, if you are interested about PETRONAS F1 Grand Prix 2012 update, you can follow up the link I will post after this sentences.
PETRONAS Corporate Website: Link
motorsports@PETRONAS Games/petmos.com.my: Link
Facebook Page: Link
Twitter Account: Link
Youtube Channel: Link
PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad: Link
Make sure you follow up all of them and enjoy the latest update!

Thanks for reading! By Kian Fai.

P.S.: If you wish to see Michael Schumacher & Nico Rosberg appearance, you should really RUN to KLCC and catch up with them on 21st March, 2012 (Wednesday) around 5.30pm++! Don't miss it!


  1. Replies
    1. *FLEX* hehehehe I wan the car la! so I snap and keep in my phone lor :D

  2. Wah! So nice.

    I wanna that Merc! xD

  3. AHAH! That pic u and F1 car, so chio~ gaya betul~ xD

  4. i also dunno much about cars lah, you know lah, i drive LRT one mah, hahaha~~

  5. but it's good you have the chance to attend such event, you get more insights and more explanation..

  6. unlike we just go there and see see look look, we may just see the cars but then will never know about the stories behind and some facts we may never even know..

  7. wah, got Q&A session with makan somemore ah?? so nice one.. you sure gain a lot of knowledge and also, hehehehe, food in your stomach lor~~ :D

  8. yoh, the cars so nice lor!! how i wish i have one of those..

  9. the roadshow looks awesome. the voice game seems very fun as well

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  10. Wow, guys sure love going to such event..

    Have a pleasant Wednesday~

  11. Not a fan of F1 cars, just like sporty cars :p

    Don't fancy F1 race either...

  12. OMG, you were just primary 6 in year 99?

    I feel so old....

  13. Got the Speedy Gonzales SLS but cannot speed in Malaysia la, roads got lot of potholes. Journey not nice :(

  14. LOL! You always race with yourself on the road?! : D

  15. Wah! I want that Merz!! But then again, I think I prefer not to drive so big cars! Scared kena rompak! LOL! Better invest in properties! But if can get the car free, then of course I want lah! LOL!

  16. Wow...nice cars...and of course nice food. :D

  17. But I think the Merzis more beautiful than the F1. :p


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