Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to Nuffnang! #Nuffnangis5

Hello, I would like to Thanks Nuffnang for the generous invite into this Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash. I am hereby to drop a short update in this post and see what happen inside the party. I wont share the video about cat walk competition, you should go search it on youtube! Remember, Nuffnang Birthday is on 27th of February, born on year 2007 and it is on 2am sharp!

Photo Credit: Yeeing, Me and Yeeing in the party! Well I dunno what happen to me on that night and both of the pose she copy cat me lol!

Photo Credit: Jackie, small group photo and Thanks to Jackie! Thank you so much for the group photo!

Awesome performance from Figure It Out on that night! FIO really brings us up to the top on that night!

Group photo of the Nuffies and the Co-founders from Nuffnang.

The Goodie Bag receive from the Birthday Event itself. Thank you Nuffnang and The Sponsors so much and it is enough to cover for my everyday usage! LOL!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

P.S.: I am always keep inside in my heart, about most of the regret and incident that I face in my life.


  1. wah so nice!! i mean the goodies bag, got so many things inside.. that one is a CD ah?? wow, cool..

  2. and i also like that thing in the center, dunno what to call it, an award?? haha.. wow, how nice if i can have something like that for my SK0617 Blogger Awards hor??

    1. So this give you a awesome idea? haha yah is like a award or souvenir :)

  3. wah, why at 2am ah?? don't need to sleep and queueing to register the company ah?? hahahaha..

  4. it was a really nice event.. good to see you there bro!

  5. I totally forgot about it. Wanted to go but I know my chances, SLIM...


  6. now.. when's the 10th birthday? ;)

  7. so many things in that goodie bag. donate donate. haha

  8. Yeay!Had much fun on that night! Happy birthday to NN again! ;)

  9. Haha!You and Yeeing look cute lah!

  10. Great event! S'pore bloggers have been invited too but it's just not a place for me with all the young people. I'll stick out like a sore thumb. Hahaha!

    Well, I like sitting back & enjoy looking at all your pix :)

  11. i laughed my ass off at yeong boon & jia yeen defo the highlight of the night lol

  12. wow got maggi somemore :D i love your fish-look on the first pic :P

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  13. haha! u look so cute with yeeing! =P

  14. Why 2am sharp??? funny!!! Nuffnang's mommy went into labour at 1.50am and baby Nuffnang was born at 2.00am sharp????? Muahahahahaha!!.....


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