Saturday, March 31, 2012

Titanic 3D (2012)

Titanic, the original release was in year 1997. That time this movie was very famous and my relative bought the DVD and watch at home, maybe that time my place here got too little cinema. Year 1997, I was Primary 4, I am still a kid. Until one day when I was studying in Secondary school, I was looking for some show to watch when I was alone at home, then I realize my parent bought pirated VCD LOL! To enter cinema and watch Titanic one more time, the feeling would be definitely different and more awesome than year 1997 of course! I experience this 3D movie effect in MBO Subang Parade, first time with MBO 3D was very very cool I dare say, and their 3D spec was very comfortable while wearing it. (Remember, I am Four Eye.)

Friday, March 30, 2012

We Not Naughty 孩子不坏 (2012)

We Not Naughty 孩子不坏 movie is actually launch at Singapore around Chinese New Year period, which is 2-3 months ago. I'm in Malaysia, I didn't realize there is such movie exist in Singapore! The best thing about this movie is this little kid that place right middle of this poster, the way he talk seriously gonna make the parent inside this movie going to make them burst out anger, as in asking too much question in one whole lot of topic. This movie is directed by Jack Neo 梁智强.

Daniel Chan 陈晓东 as the teacher who's teaching in college. I was very surprising about Daniel Chan would take part in this movie and corporate with Jack Neo. In this movie, he is trying to help his students problem and also to make sure that he is not looking down on anyone of them.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

pick-me-up, scrumptious desserts and snacks

#1 Hello, it is time to update some food post! Within this few months, there is a sudden trend of Restaurant and Cafe whos only sell desserts, drinks and snack. This is the first time I see this kind of Cafe, name is pick-me-up: whos sell desserts, drinks and snack under one roof! Location is at Kuchai Lama and it is very far from my place, but totally worth it because the dessert taste was very good. (Better than some desserts shop in Subang Jaya, SS15)

#2 pick-me-up counter section, worker is busy preparing the foods for the customer.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wrath of the Titans (2012)

First of all, I would like to Thanks Benjamin for the movie invite. This movie screening is actually invite from Nuffnang movie contest, feel free to go Nuffnang Malaysia website for more information. If you watch Clash of the Titans (2010) last time, Wrath of the Titans is the continue episode of it. Some how in year 2010 til this year, there is 3 movie (if no mistaken) that talk about greek mythology and fight between gods and titans, which is included Immortals (2011). I wasn't really active in blogging in year 2010, that is why I didn't write about Clash of the Titans (2010). What I think about this movie, it is definitely better than Clash of the Titans (2010), but this movie story line is kind of fast forward. To be warned, my blog post for this movie might contain spoiler, so . . . please read it with care too!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival 亚洲音乐节 2012

Hi! I wonder you guys heard of this concert event called "Tiger Asian Music Festival" or not? Obviously this event is organize by Tiger Beer itself and gather many other Asian Singer and Group such as Paul Wong 黄贯中 & Ka Keung 黄家强 from Beyond, A Yue 张震岳, Mandhand 慢行, A Lin 黃麗玲, Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾, MC Hotdog and LMF! Voices from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia gather in Malaysia and blast their Hits like a boss!

Paul Wong 黄贯中 & Ka Keung 黄家强 from Beyond, who is going to entertain us in this Music Festival with their greatest voice and hits that we never unprepared to listen from them. Since Beyond dismiss since year 2005, Paul and Ka Keung is still active in their Music carrier and creating great music to everyone of us! I would think this Tiger Asian Music Festival is one of the event that must not miss in my life time! Of course you all got listen to their song before, which is called 海阔天空, the super duper long time and all time favorite song for everyone of us!

A Yue 张震岳 is one of the most iconic singer in Taiwan, he rocks, he sing, he author the song and also he play instruments too! He also got corporate with MC Hot Dog to come out with some song, it gain lots of attention from Taiwan Fans! One of his most signature song would be 爱我别走 in year 1998, which is you can heard people nowadays like to sing it in Karaoke.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

大追捕 Nightfall (2012)

First of all, Thanks to Nuffnang for the movie screening. This movie is actually not bad, because I understand the whole story line in this movie. At beginning of this movie, you might think that this movie is Art Films or Horror Movie which is speechless all the time. They are putting alot of blur image about the past of Nick Cheung of this movie, why is he imprisoned and what is the motive of his sin and deed that send him into prison. And Simon Yam is the only Inspector who really put his full time effort to find the truth in all kind of cases happening in Hong Kong, some heavy cases. I would like to state here that: there will be some spoiler inside this movie, I hope you all prepare to listen about it.

Nick Cheung (张家辉) become a bad guy in this movie, what send him into prison because: In Year 1988, he got suspected that he killed a girl and attempt to rape the victim. And he lost his voice due to he stab his own throat with a very sharp pencil. When he was release from prison, his acting was very weird when he found out a young girl, you might think that Nick Cheung is a stalker or a horny person, once you watch the whole movie, you would understand Nick Cheung is not a bad person. What makes him looks like a bad person is: he stabbed his neck, and he lost his voice with a scar on his neck. Another one is: when he stare at people, he will smile it evilly with mata sepet eye. Totally worth to scared by him LOL.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PETRONAS F1 Grand Prix 2012 Showcase‏

Yo! Just posting about what happen on my previous Sunday Night, I visited KLCC for this event called PETRONAS F1 Grand Prix Showcase. To be frankly over here, I manage absorb so much knowledge about F1 Racing and History about F1, because I am not a big fan about Car Racing actually, and I always race with myself on the road these few months, so it is a right choice to take a sneak peek what is Car Racing all about and what happen in this showcase.

When I was there around 3pm+, there are so many people busy snap photo of the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster and the F1 Racing Car. What I understand from this event is: Formula One World Championship in 1999, the current Malaysian Grand Prix is held at the Sepang International Circuit at Sepang, Malaysia. One of the historical moment that I missed in my life time! (I was Pri-6 on year 1999 LOL!)

This showcase will be available from 17th March 2012 until 25th March 2012, they got sell Engine Oil, Souvenir, T-Shirt and more! Basically everything is from PETRONAS itself. Location is at middle of KLCC, concourse level.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spongebob Fever

I am not a kid, and I am not easy distracted with toys. But this time McDonald's come out with some mini toy that is related with Spongebob Squarepants! It is very tempting for me and thanks to my sister and dear Mr. [SK] lol! My sister say she is going to collect all of them (total 8 of them) and she don't mind eating happy meal for her lunch / dinner lol. Happy Meal is cheap yo!!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Picture above show that how cheerful I am while taking photo with Lorax (Mascot), actually I wasn't really good right now due to some unknown incident happen to me. Oh well, this photo taken on last week at Premier Screening of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. The very first time that I hold a Mascot hand when I was kid, location in Pudu Plaza and it is Christmas! I remember I greeted Santa hand and I don't remember he give me anything at all. The moment I greet Lorax, the feelings is back to kid time when Santa greet me. Totally appreciate it and I greet Lorax hand for more than 1 second LOL! And it is sadly remind me that I need to tell someone about this: "Appreciate each and every friendship you got."

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

P.S.: No worries, I am still alive and no one would ever appreciate me.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to Nuffnang! #Nuffnangis5

Hello, I would like to Thanks Nuffnang for the generous invite into this Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash. I am hereby to drop a short update in this post and see what happen inside the party. I wont share the video about cat walk competition, you should go search it on youtube! Remember, Nuffnang Birthday is on 27th of February, born on year 2007 and it is on 2am sharp!

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (2012)

First of all, Thanks to Benjamin for the invites and I really appreciate it. Lorax is a animation with time of 86 minutes, the story line was good but the jokes and the 3D animation wasn't too great. Musical in this movie was cool/lame at the same time and I believe that many of the kids would like to watch this show. [Spoiler] Story begin with Ted is looking for a real tree and spend so many effort on it, understand The Once-ler story, then becoming very brave and face against Mr. O'Hare.

Ted voice by Zac Efron, a boy with full of passion about Audrey wish and he decided that seeking the truth about real tree that he never seen before in his life. I am surprise that Zac Efron was the voice for this character, totally unexpected.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Switch off your comment verification code please!

Actually I got connection issue in my place over here. When I try to comment some blogpost, I need to type the verification code to comment this blogpost. I am hereby with my humble request to all other blogger, please switch off this comment verification code.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

P.S.: Kindly notify me if I didnt switch off my comment verification code. Thanks!