Friday, February 3, 2012

Say NO to Overdose Gaming!

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This article is not suitable for kids and pregnant lady, picture contain uncomfortable scene and please click at your own risk.
This happen at Taiwan if no mistaken, the person who pass away at the news above is playing League of Legends, he played & rest at the same place for more than 20hours. I would suggest cyber cafe which is located in Malaysia have to start aware this kind of case, start to watch over the customer behavior, because life is very chemical and it is very weak. 

I am a hardcore gamer, I play Heroes of Newerth and World of Warcraft. I play at least 3-5hours a day and it is on night time. When comes on Sunday, I play at least 10hours if no people date me out for lunch or dinner on Sunday, still I can maintain myself by drinking more water, go home shower and rest, and go to work at the next morning / afternoon. The article does give me a impact because they way that guy died is freaking scary, both hand freeze on the keyboard and the mouse and this posture is still maintaining for few hours.

My latest character outlook, which is contain full epic sets or armor and nice mounts. (From World of Warcraft)

I considering "what should I do in next few months in this new year", because I am kind of numb right now. Year 2012 is full of surprise and something coming up ahead, and I also consider to take a long rest from World of Warcraft soon. (My 2 months prepaid of this game is expiring soon)

I am also hereby to declare that please do not play games for more than 5 hours per day and please do not face computer for more than 5 hours, because the radiation from Computers is no good for health and making me very hard to wake up every morning. I drink water, eat nice and sleep very well, still I found out that very hard to wake up from sleep, kindly drop me some tips please!

I'm Sorry and Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

P.S.: It is so unfair that God threaten somebody which is didn't do something very wrong, but somebody who is acting very wrong yet he or she got comfortable lifestyle.


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