Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chronicle (2012)

First of all, I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation to ChurpChurp for giving me this opportunity to attend this premier screening in Cathay Cineplexes at e@curve. This story is about 3 young people, 3 of them very good by hanging out together in school ever since they had discover one place, the place give them super natural power. Once they obtain the power, their life turn miserable and become more extraordinary. I think I should post some spoiler about their own super power, since they obtain super natural power together, whatever one of them thinking, the other person will feel the same feeling too!

From left to right, Dane DeHaan as Andrew Detmer, Michael B. Jordan as Steve Montgomery, and Alex Russell as Matt Garetty. Andrew is a very good boy, Matt and Steve usually hang out together in the school, until Steve telling Matt to get Andrew video camera and help them film their "journey for obtaining super natural power".

Why Andrew was crazily mad in this picture? Stress of school assignment? Stress of relationship? I think you all need to check this out in this movie.

Overall this movie theme is very different from other common movie, it is more to self filming and combine with different camera angle, CCTV and more! You might feel headache for this movie, and the power evolution for Andrew was too fast and too fake, which is making us think he is more immortal and extraordinary in this film. There is some part of this movie is very surprising and a little bit gore, which is unexpected at all. Story of this movie is predictable, when you take note some part of the scene of this movie, you will know what happen next within few second. Rating for this movie from me will be 2.5/5, I believe many people that I know say that this movie is not worth for watching it because of the way they film it, story-line is evolving too fast and Andrew is a genius in his Super Natural Power? No! He is like a Idiot at the ending. LOL! Still, go and have a look, I think this is not bad at all.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


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