Friday, January 27, 2012

Lou Sang Gathering with Bloggers at Uncle Prawn

Photo Credit: Seraphsam
Hello! This gathering is happen on 13th January 2012 (Friday) at Uncle Prawn Sunway Giza, Thanks to Carmen and Jayren invites. Was really glad and happy because got new faces around compare with last year gathering, and it is also a good opportunity to share your blogging experience with other bloggers too!

So I am trying to make this post as short as possible.
Everyone was having fun and chatting with each other, most of us know each other and try to catch up too. Yee Sang is one of the most common and prosperity food in Chinese New Year, so . . . every year is a must to have this Yee Sang to share with Family and Friends too!

Some of my friend asked me what is the best food to order in Uncle Prawn, I would like to suggest their 生虾面 (Sang Har Mee) and 瓦煲老鼠粉 (Claypot Lou Shi Fun). I know Restaurant Murni got 瓦煲老鼠粉 (Claypot Lou Shi Fun) and the taste is almost same, the only different is Murni serve Halal food and Uncle Prawn is not Halal. Overall food from Restaurant Uncle Prawn is normal but the price of the food is very costy.

I am not going to list out all the name of the bloggers, maybe you (readers) can find them in the comment section?

Last and not least, I would like to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year! Good fortune and Good Business!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

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