Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jack and Jill (2011)

Hello all, watched Jack and Jill in Sunway Pyramid for the last week of December 2011, watch with my younger sister at TGV Sunway Pyramid. And this movie is about Jack twin sister Jill is coming to his house for holiday, celebrate thanksgiving. Jack and Jill acted by Adam Sandler, it is very funny because one person acting 2 person at the same time and it is different gender too. If you look at the poster above, from far range view Jill doesn't looks like Adam Sandler at all, when I enter cinema and watch it, it totally turn me off  because Jill is too MANLINESS LOL!

Al Pacino as himself, the way he act is very funny and mental person in the movie. And he fallen in love with Jill, this is the best part of this movie. Because he mention than Jill will cure his craziness and some other reason which is very unreasonable.

Katie Holmes as Erin Sadelstein, Jack wife. One of the important role in this movie, because she appear all the time in this movie.

Eugenio Derbez as Felipe, gardener nearby Sadelstein housing area. He attempt to hook on with Jill and date with her to picnic with his family while she is down and sad. He is also part of the important person in this movie too, and he jokes alot!

Overall I didn't really put so much information about this movie, and this movie is just for laugh, don't take it seriously alright? My rating was 7/10, and I think this movie is suitable for all age range, nothing really special and foul about this movie.

Hope my tips and suggestion for the movie is good for you all and Thanks for reading because year 2011 I had posted tons of movie which is telling my own opinions, little bit of spoiler and some of my rating may be bad, don't take it seriously okay? Some movie tend to be watch on the big screen only got the best outcome and the effect, watch less pirated / original DVD at home and watch it in cinema!

Thanks for reading and Happy Year 2012 to all of you! By Kian Fai.


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