Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunway Pyramid Christmas Decoration (2011)

#1 Was in Sunway Pyramid on Friday night and Sunday night, why? Because I watch movie with my friend and the best thing is I have the camera with me and didn't use it. Then I saw some visitor or customer take out their camera and take many photo on the Christmas Decoration, it makes me want to take part into it too!

#2 This decoration is right middle of the Sunway Pyramid (Old Wing), I didn't went to LG floor because that time was already 10.30pm+. And I also think that the decoration of the stage looks gorgeousness when the light is ON.

#3 This display is located one of the shop at the ground floor, which is near Starbucks Coffee. I found this display board is very interesting, so I snap it down too! I think bags is girl all time favourite (my opinion), maybe next time I got money, I shall buy a bag and go give as a gift to the girl I like LOL.

#4 Christmas Tree filled up with cotton and silver leaf, this tree located at outside of Sunway Pyramid entrance, left and right.

#5 Some decoration at the Entrance of Sunway Pyramid. Trying to make it more snowy and colourful feel~

#6 Decoration along the street from Red Box to Hello Bali, when it is night time, feel free to go there and take a walk. It is very romantic if go half a walk with your another half hehe.

#7 The not so round-a-bout at Sunway Pyramid, and this decoration is cool if take from front view. I took this from the back view because front view got car and I am afraid I will bang by some cars at the next second right after I snap the photo lol.

#8 This decoration looks like Poseidon Weapon, Silver Three-Pronged Staff LOL! Just joking, whichever how it looks like, in real life definitely looks better because my digital camera wasn't that good.

#9 The best yet the boringness decoration in Sunway Pyramid overall would be . . . Well you can see them very near to TGV Cinema area, I think from Sunway Pyramid open until now they didn't really change this decoration. I think it is time to change this decoration because it looks boring sometimes.

Christmas is coming to Town real soon! So I would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


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