Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ochado at Platinum Mondrian, Setapak

#1 Ochado located at Platinum Mondrian, Setapak. Open air mall, filled up with some Restaurant and Bars such as Overtime. Surprise that Ochado open the outlet at Setapak, not at Subang area lol. When I pass by, It makes me curious and wanted to know more about the different about Ochado and Chatime. So I decide myself to buy a cup of Pear Milk Tea and taste it. In future, Chatime is going to open right next door of Ochado in Platinum Mondrian Mall.

#2 Counter of Ochado, 5 main drinks that showed up above and 5 of the many types of best seller to let customer choose.

#3 Random Shoot the entrance to the seat, you guys can see there is banner promotion out there, it showed that there is Buy 1 Free 1 promotion going on until 11th December, 2011. And it is limited time only!

#4 Overall I think the taste is very common if you wanted to compare the drinks with Chatime and Gong-Cha. The bubbles jelly is smaller size and easy to consume. Price is the same and you guys can try the other drinks from Ochado too! No Harm for trying it and you can tell me how the taste too!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


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