Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Nuffnang Story

Hi, I would like to write a post title as "My Nuffnang Story", trying to win invites to go Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award on 16th December 2011, held in Putrajaya, Malaysia! As a blogger, if you want to win the invites, please click here and join now! The deadline is 19th November 2011, be fast!

Before I start blogging, I do have a blog which is full of emotional post and I didn't really know blogging can be this much fun (for my current situation)! Of course I join Nuffnang at first because of influence from my friend, then I join this website called Innit (baby website of Nuffnang) to promote my blog link and make more friend of course.

(link) I remember my first screening with Nuffnang is Altitude (2010), this story is kind of kinky but I still enjoy the ending. And you can see the way I post from 2010 till 2011 (now), I can see the improvement about the way I housekeeping my blog, make the post tidy and I love "Extra-Large Image" Button.

Tikkoss, Xing90, Sherry, Serene, David and me.
(link) My first little meetup with Blogger friends at e@curve Library, X-Play Shout Award Event. Which is good for me, and drinking too much soft-drink and beer that night, talking non-stop like we had meet before!

(linkMy first food outing is with Daniel & Merryn, and Thanks to Holiday Villa (Facebook) given us a opportunity to join this food outing, it was before Christmas and we given a opportunity to try this! That night was so full and overjoyed.

(Photo credit:
(linkCelebrate New Year Countdown with Blogger friends countdown at e@curve was so crowded and super awesome! We manage to take this group photo and it is on middle of the road (because the road enter to e@curve is sealed).

(Photo credit:
(linkCelebrate Chinese New Year and have a makan gathering with blogger! I think Xing90 created this event and that time she is very active in Innit and asking many of them come to this gathering.

(Photo credit:
(link) I think I created this food gathering, Thanks to the awesome deal from Hahah Deals! And thanks for the support from all the fellow bloggers that appear into this gathering, it prove that I can make another one in next month or next year, and also giving me confident to create this type of food gathering too!

(Photo credit: Tikkoss)
(link) We keep in touch with each other, this is the screening I Am Number Four (2011) and we always collect ticket together and chill together too! And also I realize myself enjoying writing movie post no matter how bad my English grammar, so I continue and try to win more movie screening ticket from Nuffnang and write more post about movie I watch with Nuffnang.

(link) This is the first official event invite by Nuffnang with title Green Lantern Corps Party. Very crowded and watching the contestant trying to win Green Lantern freebies, and also get to catch-up with some bloggers too!

(link) One of the achievement that Food Marathon and eating non-stop with bloggers at Sunway Resort Hotel, the most awesome deal from MilkADeal and first invite from MilkADeal too! Super full almost everyone have the face of Satisfaction hehe!

(link) Tried one of the most spiciness food called "Inferno Habanero Hot Wings" at Jaya One, Frontera! Some tweet pals having this crazy idea and dare some other tweetpal on twitter, so I decide grab this chance and have a try and also meet who else is more daring hehe! This is also my first time so daring and try this spicy food, and the effect come on the next day was satisfy.

(Photo credit:
(linkThis is my first time having "sport" activity with bloggers, Laser Tag can be very tiring if constantly playing it! And it is also my first time meet Kenwooi and YeongBoon, they a very friendly and athletic too!

(linkAnother event name #digibukapuasa invite by Nuffnang & Digi Telco at The Bee, we also get the opportunity to get the latest news about Smart Plan from Digi Telco. Plenty of new model HTC to let us examine it, and also it is first time I approach this event as Digi Angel.

(linkAnd also I get the chance take photo with Namewee at Nasi Lemak Screening! It is my first time approach Movie Star! Namewee was very friendly and shy at the same time too! LOL!

(linkMy first time travel to Nuffnang Office! Meet some nuffies which is very friendly and knew that the office is really orange color (my eye hurt because the color is too orange)!

Well most of the photo I posted above is my first time in the blogsphere, some of them is from Nuffnang event, so I decided to blog about it and share it as "My Nuffnang Story". Well I am enjoying blogging because I get to know more people and I found my interest which is watch movie, enjoy going events with my blogger friends too! This post may be similarity with my previous anniversary post (link).

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


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