Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Happiest Moment

My Happiest Moment, it is about my childhood. It is right below, yes it is me and my younger sister birthday. Last time at home, we use to gather together, yelling at each other and my elder sis give me one kind of look last time. (Yes only last time til now it is slightly different) My elder sis (most right) cut our birthday cake, and I am showing the piggy mouth lol, and my younger sis just got no idea what is going on. Tell you guys 1 thing, my younger sis is a mat rempit, which is crying from the start, it sounds like Formula 1! (Imagine by yourself mate, you and I done it before when we was baby.)

This is the "My Happiest Moment" Photo. (Photo Source: Link)
My childhood was less burden, request toy from mummy, she will buy it around next few days, request soft drink from my grandma, immediate response within few minutes and my grandpa will become noisy old man, why? Because the soft drink is from my grandpa LOL. Everyday my dinner for my childhood can be Steam Chicken Drumstick with Herbs, Steam Egg, porridge with meat and more.

Basically I decide to put up this picture because I like this photo and the timing of this photo. And my younger brother haven't land on the earth yet opps *touch wood*. And also seeing all my childhood photo it brings up my mood meter. Seriously I miss my childhood and it remind me to take some photo as in Family Photo and more.

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Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


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