Thursday, November 10, 2011

Immortals (2011)

Immortals movie is about Greek Mythology, War between humans & religious and War Between Gods & Titans. Story in the movie and real story of Greek Mythology History is slightly different, [Spoiler] and I also cant believe that Zeus will kill his own son because his son break the law.

Henry Cavill as Theseus, the man that stand firm and fight against Hyperion army. Strangely at beginning of the story, he was build to be strong and fight against those who bully the weak race. Picture above show that Theseus is preparing for the War! Henry Cavill acted in Stardust (2007) too!

Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion, the man who doesn't believe god existed, he is also the man with golden mask and his helmet looks like Alien Baltan from Ultraman! Seriously so cool!

You will know what is Alien Baltan once you see the photo above! Seriously looks alike isn't it?
Well Mickey Rourke act as Iron Man 2 (2010), he is getting plum and act as King "Hyperion", seriously bloody hyper!

One of the scene in Immortals (2011)
[Spoiler] Zeus kill his son as I mention in the first paragraph of this post. Luke Evans as Zeus in this movie, he also appear in Clash of the Titans (2010) and The Three Musketeers (2011) too! The God wearings is too much Gold and it is so boring, my imagination of Zeus is with white color robe lol!

Freida Pinto as Phaedra, one of the Oracle, which is have the ability to witness the prophecy. My opinion about it is she got not much dialog in this movie. Of course she is the only sexy lady in this movie too!

Overall I think this movie didn't reach my expectation, sound effect was overacting. I couldn't enjoy this movie as much as I can because this movie is not suitable for kids (You know what am I talking about!). Let me tell you why this movie is not suitable for kids, because there is blood spilling, armor breaking, head crush, stabbing and more! Still there is a kid inside the cinema (which is potong stim type).

My rating was 2/10, Conan the Barbarian (2011) got the reason to become better movie than this movie, [for Conan] because the story-line and character dialog is even, they crush head also got reason, unlike the King Hyperion acting so mean in the movie, Hyperion was one of the Titan, I don't think Titan would be that mean! Mythology History in this movie does not make sense for me, unacceptable especially Epirus Bow may not existed in Greek Mythology History.

This movie will be up on 11/11/11, if you think my review was wrong, you can go ahead and spend time watching it! And why my rating is low because 20% of the scene got cut in Malaysia Cinema.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


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