Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Hungry Hog @ SS 15, Subang Jaya

#1 The Hungry Hog is located in SS 15, surrounded with some steamboat and Chinese restaurant. The Hungry Hog is a non halal restaurant because they got pasta, burgers and rice which is only serve with pork meat! Basically you cannot complain about the food is oily, because they only serve pork meat of course the food will be oily! Accept the truth man LOL!

#2 Environment in The Hungry Hog is very cute, plain white wall, magazine racks, some interesting wall portrait.

#3 And also those decoration is very unique, it seems like you are stepping into western country real soon hehe! One thing bad about it is the place is too small!

#4 The Hungry Hog Menu, which is still new and only got 2 pages (front & back), 1side is for food and another side is for desert & drinks.

#5 Our Drinks, Chinese Tea (RM 1.00) and Passion Fruit Soda (RM 4.90).

#6 My 3 Little Pigs with extra Bacon (RM 15.90 + RM 1.00), serve with fries and salad, and the taste of the pork patty is awesome. I use to eat Ninja Joe and the taste of the pork is very heavy, this 3 Little Pigs patty marinated with some special ingredient and the taste is very different too!

#7 i-Pork (RM 14.90), serve with fries and salad. Can you see the green color sauce over there? First sight and first time put inside my mouth, I thought it were Kaya Cream Sauce or something. By reading back the menu, it is cinnamon apple sauce and crunchy apple mayo, which is make the taste of the pork patty sweet and balance your health, which means eating heavy meat at the same time eating greens too!

#8 Bacon Strip looks very oily and sinful! Nom Nom Nom!

#9 I would suggest you guys go The Hungry Hog Facebook Page and "Like" it first. Then view the photo of the dishes of The Hungry Hog which is very tempting for me, else you got no clue about the meaning of the Menu.

Overall I will recommend 3 Little Pigs and I won't recommend you to order i-Pork. You also can try Bangers & Mash, Bacon Pasta, and Siew Yuk Rice. The best time you go to The Hungry Hog shall be day time!

The Hungry Hog Address: 71, Jalan SS15.4C, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
The Hungry Hog Facebook Page.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

Photoshoot by: Frankie John


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