Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

Thanks to ChurpChurp I have the chance to catch up The Adventures of Tintin! Watched this movie in 3D, very awesome and powsome! Seriously like the transformation from Comic into Animation Movie, totally whole new Tintin and much more handsome! To be frankly over here, I didn't read much about Tintin comic, because I read too much Doraemon and Detective Conan! LOL!

Jamie Bell voice act for Tintin, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost voice act for the Detective Twins, Thompson and Thomson. Both of the detective is very funny and slightly clumsy. Tintin was super smart and like to discover mystery, and he will step the path deeper and deeper.

Daniel Craig voice act for Ivanovich Sakharine, a person seek the same thing when Tintin discover the detail of the model ship. There is too much detail in this movie and I think I won't expose any spoiler but the characteristic about the character.

Andy Serkis voice act for Captain Haddock, a drunk captain appear on the ship. By watching the trailer, why would he travel with Tintin of all the sudden? If you read the comic book of Tintin, you might discover something even further by watching the movie.

What happen next in their adventures? What they are searching? Any relation between Tintin and Captain Haddock in this journey?
If you read the comic about Tintin, you might now what is this movie about. Maybe it is a short version from the comic, who knows? I think the 3D effect was enough from me, not very impressive but the movie is very nice. Rate: 8/10 from me and this is one of the must watch movie. 

My little opinion: You might find it boring from the trailer maybe because you had watch for the trailer for plenty of time, but I can guarantee this, because by judging this movie from trailer it won't make any sense of it, this movie is much more entertaining and story-line is really attractive. (It wasn't necessary to watch in 3D)

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


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