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Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant 山水菜鱼酒家

#1 Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant is a place that fill up authentic taste of Thai style food! Basically you can taste sour, slightly spicy and sweet food in here, make you that filled up with all the happiness inside your tummy. This restaurant also serve different kind of variety beer, and also it really surprise me that they sell coconut wine which I know commonly sold at Klang, Banting or Jenjarom. We went there around 12pm++ and the Restaurant starting filling up with crowd already!

#2 Before getting into the food, actually outside of the Restaurant got some field which is planted vegetables and some leafs, most of them is using for ingredients & decoration for the foods.

#3 This is the daytime view of the Restaurant, filled up with village and Thai style. And look at the crowd, it is only 12pm++ and there is so many people start eating already!

#4 Outside of Restaurant there is a mini counter which is selling fruits and some desserts if not mistaken.

#5 Seafood Tomyam Red & White - RM 18
You can see the different between of the color, Red is spicy and white didn't taste spicy at all. Both of the soup have the Tomyam taste, someone may crazy about it if they are Tomyam or seafood fans.

#6 Fried Chicken with Kaffir Lime Leaf - RM 15 (Small) / RM 20 (Big)
Average taste of Fried Chicken which is mix with Kaffir leaf (they plant this leaf from the farm by themselves), maybe this dish is commonly order by customer whos come in group of Family.

#7 Kerabu Chicken Feet - RM 12 (Small) / RM 18 (Big)
Kerabu taste sour and crunchy at the same time, I believe that there is some peanut inside this kerabu, and also the skin of chicken feet is way too tender, need to bite it slightly harder LOL. Of course most of the kerabu is not too hot and too cold (冷盘), is a must try dish.

#8 Sotong Masak Pedas with Coconut Milk -  RM 12 (Small) / RM 22 (Big)
It taste very unique because of the orange color sauce, the meaning of "Masak Pedas" is Cook Spicy. It taste a little spicy at the same time taste slightly sweet too! It is because of coconut milk, covered the taste of spiciness so I only can taste a little spicy at the same time sweetness too.

#9 Grilled Lamb - RM 18 (Small) / RM 24 (Big)
One of the finest grilled lamb I try so far in Klang-Valley, maybe I like the taste of the lamb too much.

#10 BBQ Tilapia Fish aka Salt Grilled Fish - RM 3 / 100 gram
This fish doesn't looks like BBQ fish right? Actually they warped this fish inside the banana leaf and BBQ it, so it didn't damage the skin of the fish too. When we eat that time, we just need to open the "cover", because they got cut a "entrance" to let us open the "cover" and eat it.

#11 Coconut Flower (Price Unknown)
The taste is very special and crunchy like jelly, the vege and coconut meat cut into crinkle form to make the taste even more unique.

#12 Udang Goreng Cili Bawang Putih - RM 15 (Small) / RM 28 (Big)
Some fried prawn with the ingredient mentioned from the name above.

#13 Kangkung with Tao Chew - RM 8 (Small) / RM 12 (Big)
Common vege food that can order in normal Restaurant in everywhere, and also I Heart Kangkung! <3

#14 Mango Kerabu - RM 10 (Small) / RM 15 (Big)
If you don't like Kerabu Chicken Feet, you can order this Mango Kerabu!

#15 Fried Spinach - RM 8 (Small) / RM 12 (Big)
 This fried spinach is so japanese style, I had never try this Fried Spinach before, and this fried spinach taste is crispy and slightly little oily.

#16 Lemon Steamed Fish - RM 3 / 100 gram
Steam Fish which is taste sweet and sour at the same time, it taste really good! Remember, eat it when it is really hot!

#17 Ketam Masak Serbuk Kari - RM 5.50 / 100 gram
I am not a big fan for Crab, but this crab taste impressive. Because the combination of the Curry and the crab meat is perfectly fine for me, and also not so spicy, it is sweet.

#18 Look Chob, one of the tradition dessert from Thailand. Look Chob can be any kind of fruit shapes by seeing the picture above, some of the shape is looks like mini papaya, yellow apple and red hot spicy chili! Actually inside the paste of all these Look Chob is green bean, if you familiar with red bean paste from the the red bean bread, the paste is similarity. When you bite Look Chob inside your mouth, it is only pure green bean paste, no other ingredient is mixed.

#19 Full Course Dessert (Price Unknown)
Different variety of dessert in the house yo! Include Look Chob, Mange Glutinous Rice, Mixed Malay Kuih and etc.

Overall I think the foods is good, please eat the food while it is hot! Another little opinion is drop by this restaurant on afternoon (daytime), because road inside restaurant area isn't stable, if you go to this restaurant on night time, it would be slightly troublesome. Please use strong car for travel to this restaurant, because the journey to his restaurant is almost similarity with Genting route LOL!

Address of Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant
KM4, Jalan Ampang - Hulu Langat, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.
GPS: N03'07.783 / E101'48.300

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

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  1. The lemon steamed fish is really good.
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