Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shark Night 3D (2011)

Well this Shark Night 3D is kind of horrified movie for me, it make me even more phobia towards the sea right now. For those who (which is very sensitive) often go for beach trip or diving trip, if you watch this movie, you will phobia and cancel the trip right away! LMAO! This movie also mean to for 3D (by looking at the title), because they want to make how realistic is the shark is.

Sara Paxton as Sara, one of the main character in this movie. Facing the wrath of the shark and did she survive in this movie? She and her friends planning to have a party at the lake house, and found out that the lake got shark after the incident happen on Malik.

Blake (Chris Zylka), Malik (Sinqua Walls), Sara (Sara Paxton) & Nick (Dustin Milligan), three of the hot guys in the house. Chris Zylka & Sinqua Walls seriously have a nice body shape, because they are muscular! If you are a girl who watch this, prepare eye washing session! Hehe!

Chris Carmack as Dennis, one of the strange guy in movie. And he know Sara since before she went to Uni for study. He got one kind of evil aura when Chris act as Dennis, and also unknown secret behind him too!

Overall this movie I rate 4/10, not so good and no too bad. I prefer more happiness movie too! They produce baby shark in this movie as in animation, and the shark will jump around five feet high from the water surface. It is too fake! Normal Shark won't simply attack people until they smell the real bloods, unless the shark have the brain that super hate humanity, because human have been eating lots of shark-fin soup lately. This movie also tell the message to humanity that please stop eating shark-fin soup and stop killing shark and whale! We must love them and stop killing them once and for all!

There is more actor and actress I didn't include in this post, because they are key people in this movie and I will babbling too much spoiler about them too. For those who like being horrified by shark or having a pair of big balls, you shall try to watch this movie!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


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