Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saiful 'The Vampire' Merican VS Kong Ming, Voltage Selangor Super Series

#1 Voltage Selangor Super Series is such a exciting event for me, by watching some other contestant standing on the stage, punching and kicking hard at each other and compete against 1 purpose on the stage, is to win the match. Total 8 round of fight, included 8 Heroes of China opposing 8 WLF Stars which is from different location. What is the most eye catching match which is Malaysian contestant appear on the stage and cheered by the crowd, of course I cheer too because 2 Malaysian Kickboxer is on the stage and fight for victorious! But the result it seems to be slightly disappointed because Heroes of China is very strong and build up like a Tank!

#2 Photo Credit by Saiful 'The Vampire' Merican Facebook Fanpage.
Saiful opponent was Kong Ming, taller than Saiful and he looks very bulky inside this photo. Many of the fans from Saiful complain that he always use leg and didn't use his both punches really well in this match. But with Saiful kick, it is very deadly because Kong Ming itself taste the wrath kick from Saiful.

Of course if the match last longer and Saiful keep on using his deadly kick, swing it until getting tired, then Kong Ming had the advantage to go near Saiful and keep harassing him. At the end Saiful did not won the match, and the score was very close.

#4 Photo Credit by Clevermunkey. Me, Saiful, Audra and Frankie.
At the end of the event we try to take photo with other fighters, and we saw Saiful and ask him to take photo with us, he is very kind and quiet person. No joke that he is very muscular by looking at his hand and influence me to tell myself that "it is time for me to train myself too"! I think I will continue to catch up more news about kickboxing and update about other matches which I witness on that day too!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


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