Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rojak at Taman Bahagia

Hi, this post will be posted about Food! My lunch once I finish my ticket collection from Nuffnang Office. Plan to eat some rice or something heave to fill up my stomach, but at the end I saw the lorry which is sell rojak right in-front of LRT station and my brain tell me "Dipersilakan makan rojak sekarang." LOL! The red box I highlighted is where the lorry placed.

This is how the lorry looks like, they sell rojak, mee rojak and cendol too!

So I decide to order a simple rojak for my lunch, snapshot uncle preparing the food!

Menu and price list of the rojak and cendol. You can order Rojak Telur, Rojak Sotong or Rojak Sotong Telur. They also sell Cendol which is not so sweet or not so plain, it is also nice combo with Rojak too! You can also Cendol Minum which is Cendol in Cup it cost RM 1.50 only, and I think it is rather convenient too!

I order Rojak Sotong Telur, this is the Rojak I had when I come back from Nuffnang Office, which is taste good, amount of veggie and toufu was simple and nice, not too much and not too little. With the little amount of sotong will bring up the taste of rojak, recommended!

Where is the place again? It is right in-front of Taman Bahagia LRT Station, cross the road and it is right beside playground.
They open from afternoon till evening if not mistaken. And I'm not sure when is their off day.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


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