Thursday, October 20, 2011

Journey to Nuffnang Office

Hello! As a title above, I went to Nuffnang Office to collect "something" from them! Feel free for continue reading it to see what I collected from them, and content of this post mostly is explain how to go Nuffnang Office by using LRT, and this guide only work in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia Only).

So I decide to take LRT from Taman Bahagia instead from Kelana Jaya because I can park my car inside the housing area (park with your own risk). Luckily it was sunny day, I reach LRT station around 11am from my house (I woke up late). Funny shit happen I was telling the ticket seller "Station Taman Bahagia", after 2second then I was like "WTF" then tell the ticket seller again "Sorry, I want Station Dang Wangi." LOL!

The view from the LRT station, too bored to waiting a train so I decide to take a snap shot of it, so many taxi waiting for the passenger who decide to take taxi to somewhere else from the station. 11am ++ and the sky is sunny and breezy!

Hello Uncle with beer belly! You are standing on the yellow line!!! LOL! Ok there is 99999 reason why you should take LRT instead of taking KTM! Because LRT is 99999 more faster than KTM and you must say goodbye to Mid Valley and say Hello to KLCC (for shopping purpose). Ah well if you wanted to go Mid Valley you can drop by at Station Abdullah Hukum and walk to Mid Valley.

Sitting LRT is like sitting Roller Coaster, speed was fast and reach destination without worrying and without sweating yourself, because the air condition work perfectly fine and also less crowded too.

When you reach station Dang Wangi, try to look up at the ceiling and look for the signboard. The signboard I posted above will point the road to Jalan Yap Ah Shak, and it will lead you to the correct escalator.

This escalator will lead you to the unknown place, you see the light shine down, full of mysterious LOL!

LRT Station Dang Wangi from the view across the Kelang River.

If you sitting LRT from Wangsa Maju, you can also use this map as your references too! The google map will tell you some silly answer, if you search "Nuffnang Sdn Bhd" it will point you to Bangunan Kurnia. Even Maison is at the wrong place too LOL! Wisma Henry Butchery is only a Mini Wisma, and the real answer of the location of Nuffnang Office is at Heritage House, you can replace Wisma Henry Butcher view in google map become Heritage House.

So I am swimming across the RIVER! Opps! I mean I am walking on the bridge to cross the river hehe!

Hi Maison! Long time no see! Oh well I went to Maison once, it is boring for me but there is some nice cushion on first floor! It reminds me I saw some incident in this club that is a girl nearly strip herself, that is what my friend saw and not me. Awww!

So here I am! The Heritage House is actually a tall building, why not they call themselves become Wisma Heritage House? I feel that I kena con already . . . because I was looking for "House"! Luckily I call up to the Nuffnang Office and there is friendly call service that guide me into this building. Before you go up to level 12B, please register yourself towards security guard.

This is the Nuffnang Office! It is like the feeling of entering the world of "Narnia"! Because the Nuffnang Office entrance is like a wardrobe from Narnia, LOL!

Nuffnang Office is full of busy Nuffy, all of them are . . . . 90% of them is Female, ok end of story. LOL! I didn't really walk inside and see the environment due to I need to rush back to my workplace as soon as possible too. And also I can blame Anne that didn't bring me for tour guide in the office :P

So I had collected my TGV complimentary passes from Nuffnang Office! And also collected for Mr. Henry Lee and Mokky Mok! (which means one person have 4 complimentary passes from TGV) So who wanna watch with me?

Basically I reach home on 1pm and really sweat me alot! Because the weather is hot and traffic jam at LDP area. Near 2pm the sky pour down really hard like no body business, end up I got the song in my mind that is "Rain Over Me" LOL!

Sneak Peak for Next Post! What is this? Something Juicy? Creamy? Gravy? Stay Tune!

Thanks for reading, By Kian Fai.


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