Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hong Kong Ghost Stories 猛鬼爱情故事 (2011)

Hello, by reading the title, banana will understand that this is just a plain ghost story from Hong Kong. But if you read the mandarin title, the meaning of this movie is "Mad Ghost Love Story".

This movie got lot of actress which is very pretty, and also Timmy Hung (son of Sammo Hung) is in this movie too (Super paiseh because Timmy Hung really looks like Jaycee sometimes)! The content of the movie is slightly not related with the mandarin name title, it is actually scaring me in the cinema, because the sound effect and noise disturbance. Didn't give any high expectation about this movie, (Rating) I think Shark Night 3D is better than this Hong Kong Ghost Stories.

The movie is predictable, and for me I am really kind of pity the character inside this movie. Only got 2 part in this movie, first part is "Classroom" and second part is "Vacation", overall of this movie is very short and it only scare you by the sound effect then the person appeared.

Classroom is a teacher replacement teaching in a school, Vacation is a girl went for vacation and very emotion at the same time. (Not going to post much spoiler about this movie, because it is predictable.)

Source: Weibo
This guy is going to hell because he did something bad? If you feel interested about this movie, go ahead and watch it LOL!

I am too free to buy this movie and watch? Nah actually wanted to watch "IN TIME" by Justin Timberlake, too bad the ticket selling really fast and need to sit at the front row! :( So I decide to buy this movie and see how the content looks like! (Without watching youtube, should have buy Love You You!)

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