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Gong Fu Kitchen

#1 Welcome to Gong Fu Kitchen
Hello all! First of all thanks to Iris for inviting me into this food review, Thank You very much! And I would like to explain about Gong Fu Kitchen, the food in Gong Fu Kitchen majority is Chinese Cuisine and the food here is healthy because No MSG detected in my tongue!

#2 The signboard of Gong Fu Kitchen, and this post is not Halal! Please aware about it!

#3 Double-Boiled Scallop and Vegetable Soup
Basically the soup taste very light due to no MSG detected. You can taste the fresh and richness of vegetables.

#4 Ginseng Black Chicken Double-Boiled Soup
You can taste the black chicken essence inside this soup, and it is a very plain hot soup!

#5 Five Treasure Wonton Noodles
Wonton 云吞 is big, mix with Prawn and Meat inside, serve with clear soup as well. Taste of the soup is plain and the tasty part only come out from Wonton itself. Wonton or Wantan? Wonton in Mandarin and Wantan in Cantonese LOL!

#6 Lamb Brisket Dai Bou Noodles
If you really like the taste of Lamb, you definitely like this bowl of noodles. Prepare to mash them up together and place inside to your mouth, of course by mixing little soup of the right hand side will bring up the taste of Lamb Noodles. Recommended!

#7 Egg Cheong Fun
Warped egg inside the Cheong Fun (肠粉), plain taste with egg and the soy sauce of Cheong Fun.

#8 Mui Choy Claypot Rice with Mince Meat & Shrimps
You guys like to eat Mui Choy 梅菜? By mixing Mui Choy with Mince Meat is commonly seen in the Restaurant or Food Stall. One of the dish which is smell and taste really good, because I am fan of Mui Choy too!

#9 Milk Cabbage
Pure vegetable taste, if you need green food inside your belly, this is the best choice. And also good choice for current Human Society which is seldom do exercise, more green food, more good health.

#10 Three Fortune Chinese Sausage Rice
If you are fancy with Dried and Braised Sausages (腊味), then this dish could be a nice choice for you. 腊味 (La Wei) is quite rare and season dish, you can taste it on every Chinese New Year especially in Luxury Chinese Restaurant. In Gong Fu Kitchen, they serve this up and they cooked it without MSG, but still the taste is salty, because the saltiness is come out from Dried and Braised Sausages (腊味).

#11 Fried Fritters Cheong Fun 油条肠粉
It is very unique that Fritters mix with Cheong Fun, the taste is crispy, crunchy at the same time you tasted soft Cheong Fun. Which means Soft and Crispy at the same time also can make perfect combination. This is one of the recommend dish I would like to recommend to all of my reader, try this!

#12 Preserved Eggs with Lean Pork Meat Congee
Simple, we called it 皮蛋瘦肉粥, you can see it everywhere even in your house too! It is plain too healthy!

#13 Pan Fried Dumplings 锅贴 (Guo Tie)
Inside this dumplings is juicy and there is meat mix with little vegetable. Dumplings trend in Malaysia by a Restaurant called Dragon-i, they invade almost whole market in Malaysia, so other Restaurant in Malaysia also trend Dumplings too!

#14 Laiwan Little Boat Congee
Mix with Porridge, Peanut, Spring Onions and Fritters. Fritters eat with porridge definitely is a good combination for me, is all about tradition yo! And I still loving it.

#15 Five Treasure Wonton Noodles

You can taste the food ingredient inside their food such as Fritters (油条/油炸鬼), it reminds me about home cook taste because my mum also don't like to put MSG (味精) inside the food too! Overall the food is very plain and some of the food is salty because of the Dried and Braised Sausages (腊味), people who don't really know how is the taste of Dried and Braised Sausages (腊味) should try again, some of the people don't even dare to try the taste of it because it is stink for them too. LOL! But it is tradition Chinese dish, I think it was alright for me and when I first time eat Dried and Braised Sausages (腊味), I can't stand the taste because it is too salty already.

And my advice is, it is suitable for everyone, especially elderly can come here have some porridge and wonton noodles too! Crispy Fried Fritters Cheong Fun is awesome for me. Thumbs up for no MSG! Hurray!

Facebook Fanpage: Gong Fu
Tel: 03-6150 6690 (For Reservation)
Address: 22A-G, Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


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