Monday, October 10, 2011

Coffee Chemistry Signature - First Subang Mall

#1 Coffee Chemistry Signature, located at First Subang Mall. One of the few very unique cafe in my mind if compared with other kind of Cafe outlets. With very reasonable price, you can taste 5 star quality at Coffee Chemistry Signature. How to find this place in Subang Mall? It is very easy because it is very near to OverTime and Austin Chase.

#2 Very nice interior design and cool ambiance in Coffee Chemistry Signature. While enjoying the food in here, they play some nice music too. (Photo Credit: Link)

#3 Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup - RM 9.90
The soup taste was good as in gravy, and it is slightly disappoint that soup wasn't creamy enough for me. I prefer Mushroom Soup to be more creamy, maybe got customer complain too creamy already, so it mean to make it average creamy.

#4 Butter Herb Rice with Terriyaki Chicken & Brocolli - RM 7.90
Terriyaki Chicken was tender and it taste sweet too, rice was awesome too! Because the rice cook with herbs, butter and something else, might be secret recipe hehe. And I wan more Brocolli for this!

#5 Butter Herb Rice with Sweet & Sour Fish - RM 9.90
The fish meat was really soft, cooked with onion, it is very spicy and taste like Asam fish. For those who love Asam Fish or spicy food, can try this dish!

#6 Cappuccino - RM 7.90 (Photo Credit: Link)
Coffee Chemistry Signature is using World's Finest Coffee - Graffeo, now CCS is located in one of the most happening town that is in Subang Jaya, I believe this will attract more people curious about " What it so good about Graffeo Coffee?"

#7 Regular Caramel Macchiato - RM 9.50 (Photo Credit: Link)
Very stylish and this Caramel Macchiato foam art was cool! Stylish because this Caramel is 3 layer style, need an extra little time to serve this to become very cool 3 layer, so please be patience.

#8 Fine Ice Blended Latte - RM 11.90 (Photo Credit: Link)
I really like this drink, this ice blended drink is totally different from other ice blended you bought from the coffee house. Basically what I need to explain which is the ice blended drink you bought from outside, you drink it at the end you drink only water and the taste of the coffee is very dull. CCS serve ice blended drink in their unique way, instead of putting sugar inside this drink, they replace it with vanilla. I give 2 thumbs up for this drink and it is very reasonable price compare with other coffee house.

#9 Mushroom Cheese Omellete - RM 6.90 (Photo Credit: Link)
Omellete mix with Mushroom and Cheese, serve salad as side dish. Basically you eat this Omellete with Mushroom and Cheese. Taste slightly special for me, it is like a pocket fill up with mushroom and cheese.

#10 3 Selections of Hand Roll - RM 16.90 (Photo Credit: Link)
Hand Roll served with Vegetable Salad and Nacho Chips, when you choose 3 Selections of Hand Roll from the menu, which means you can choose 3 type of different variety of hand roll on your plate! This dish can share up to 2 to 3 person, so I choose Soft Shell Crab, Beef Bacon, and Chicken Herb. For me it taste good, because I need more green food and I don't mind clear all the salad on the plate!

#11 Macaron / Alcohol Macaron - RM 3.50 per piece (Photo Credit: Link)
Me and my friend choose 3 type of Macaron which is French Vanilla, Rose Lychee (both are non alcohol) and another one Macaron which is contain Alcohol called Rum & Raisins. The taste is sweet and it melts in your mouth as soon as possible!

#12 Baked Chicken Wings - RM 15.90 (3pcs)
The taste is sweet and slightly sour, serve with chips and salad. One of the must try dishes in the Coffee Chemistry Signature. If you leave it cold, the sauce will harden and very hard to eat it. Make sure you eat it while it is fresh and hot.

Overall the food is very good, the atmosphere in Coffee Chemistry Signature was cozy and calm for me. Food serve very neat and it is same on Facebook Photo! Would really recommend this to my family & friends. Cheers!

Facebook Fanpage: Coffee Chemistry Cafe
Main Branch: Coffee Chemistry Cafe, Cubic Platform, Above Movida, Sunway Giza Kota Damansara.

First Subang Mall Address:
Jalan SS 15/4G, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. (Old Gazebo)

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


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