Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zookeeper (2011)

Hey readers! Just a short update over here, have been wanting to watch this movie for freaking long time ago and yes finally have chance and have time to watch this movie with Eric and Caroline. Thanks to them they are free at the mean time I suggested, it is a midnight movie and they will be so tired on Saturday morning, so do I!

Kevin James as Griffin Keyes, Zookeeper of a group of zoo animal. Take care all the animal everyday is his job and he scream like girls when the animal start talking to him and approach him. Gorilla was his best friend and from the trailer view, they do went to T. G. I. Friday's!

Leslie Bibb as Stephanie (on the right), she is Griffin Ex five years ago and I think she is trying to get Griffin back. Well this is kind of complicated for me to explain about relationship matter. And the true about it is Leslie Bibb is kind of hot for me hehe.

Rosario Dawson as Kate (on the right) and Ken Jeong as Venom (on the left), it is slightly funny having Ken Jeong around in the Zookeeper movie because he is kind of funny in every movie he acted. Rosario it is something like medic in the Zoo.

Everything from the movie, I like this scene a lot! It is incredible that having this Gorilla in T. G. I. Friday's. Guess what the Gorilla order? No worries he is vegetarian of course!

Overall this movie was cool, but I wonder why no people wanna watch this movie, maybe because of the timing is midnight and this movie had been out more than few weeks already. I rate 7/10, don't ask me why and you should go and catch up yourself if you haven't watch this yet!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Looks nice! I have not watch it... =(

  2. wow, 7/10. i heard it sux to the core haha

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