Monday, September 5, 2011

Qian Qian Birthday Celebration at Pasta Zanmai

Before you read this post, the food name below I posted got no food name because I had forgotten the name and didn't remember it or write it down for recording in my mind purpose, and I will describe the taste of it alright? Thanks!

#1 Hi Readers, this post is actually post about a friend birthday, and It is a very simple post actually! Happen on 21st of August, we went to One Utama to have lunch. Pasta Zanmai food is slightly costy for me, but lunch promotion is cheap, order 2 food which is only cost RM 23++.

#2 Indoor seat with huge printing of prawn poster, looks so delicious and fresh. And of course, it is for illustration purpose only.

#3 Menu from Pasta Zanmai, which is looks very different from Sushi Zanmai, content is some food which is serve in Japanese mix Western Style.

#4 I SAW TABASCO SAUCE! Platter and Chopsticks, they are one family~!

#5 My Ice Green Tea, chill~

#6 Hot Green Tea for the ladies.

#7 Bendan Kahmon, QianQian and Elwyn. Elwyn, I know the sky is bright haha.

#8 Tony and Benjamin, anti social with their smarty telephone.

#9 Tori Kaarage to Garlic Rice, Fried Chicken with Garlic Fried Rice. Some Mayonnaise sauce too. Very crispy because of the chicken biting with the rice at the same time.

#10 Oyster with Udon, the soup is so hot when drink it til inside my throat. Oyster taste is very very fresh!

#11 Chicken with Sweet Sauce, Rice and Egg.

#12 Some La-La with Udon Soup.

#13 Fried Rice in our common looks of Nasi Pattaya Style?

#14 Crab Meat + Avocado and Udon.

#15 Chicken Meat with Egg Udon.

#16 Chicken Pizza with Mayonnaise sauce, first time I see in Pasta Zanmai.

#17 Ringo Crepe! Sweet and apple taste Ice Cream~

#18 Last and not least, Qian Qian and Kahmon with the Green Tea Ice Cream! Berry Cute and Jio haha!

That's all for now! Overall Pasta Zanmai was fine, only the Oyster is too fresh, it didn't really suite my taste bud. And for real is there is promotion on lunch time! Try to hoop in for more information because different month got different menu!

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


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