Thursday, September 22, 2011

Malaysia Eve Celebration @ Encorp Strand + The Cube

#1 This is one of the picture that located right middle of the stage of the event and the whole building of The Encorp Strand.
Hi all, This post is about Malaysia Day Eve celebration, me and my friend decide to go this event for some certain reason. One of the few reason is my friend told me that Prime Minister of Malaysia will be at the event on that night, and many local artist will appear at the event too! Well no matter what happen, if I stay at home, I practically gain nothing and become another lazy worm for Malaysia Day. This event actually named as Carnivale, but to be frankly over here, I will use my own word because it is much more easier.

#2 The crowd inside The Encorp Strand, there is plenty of people waiting the event to start.
What I saw is there are different races in the crowd and makes me feel that this is such a meaningful moment because it is celebrating eve of Malaysia Day!

#3 Performers performing tradition dance, mixture with different costume too! You can see the element by looking at their costume, the element of 3 main races in Malaysia.

#4 One of the group shoot for the performers, which is show the semangat of Satu Malaysia! Go On! :)

#5 Next up, local artists gonna start their performance as soon as possible.
And look at the crowd, is getting more and more people! To be honest, I missed one or two performance from The Cube Shuffling, Marching Bands and cheer-leading of the event.

#6 This year at Carnivale have a-lot of artists come and support this event and perform some songs to the audience. Artists included Reshmonu, Bunkface, Aizat, Joe Flizzow, Atilia and Battery Headz!

#7 Artists on the stage is singing out their best songs and performance to the audience! And of course I am enjoying it, because got the chance to stay very close to the stage to watch them singing.

#8 For another purpose I attend this event because Celcom with The Cube is at another corner too! By looking at The Cube logo's, it makes me spinning my brain and think what is this! And I am here to discover what is The Cube.

#9 Not to forgot to snap a few shoot to show how is this looks like, stage of celcom. I think that something already happen while we are here around 8pm plus.

#10 The Cube in the House! Peace yo!(It has been placed for performance usage I think)

#11 And there is another bigger Cube in da house too! But this is different because there is a indoor video game inside this cube.

#12 A boy is trying to getting his sensor right and this boy is goal keeper? Nawh it is a football games anyways.

#13 I saw this signboard and take a photo with it too! For no reason of course and there is a game on the TV screen, playable? Ask them.

#14 Alright I would like to share what is The Cube!
The Cube is exclusive for Celcom Registered Customer only.

#15 Website of The Cube from Celcom Platform.
In my opinion, The Cube is a website that login via from you Celcom username, and of course Celcom user who registered can access into this website! If you can't, you can contact Celcom most friendly customer service via Celcom Hotline!

There is 4 Cube you need to know about it, that is Musicube, Playcube, Fun Cube and Frencube.

#16 Musicube, search your favorite song, download, and enjoy!
Musicube: You can download your favorite call me tone, ringtone and Music from Musicube. There is True Tones and Full Song to let user know the different shade of it. Got no idea what song to download? You can refer to Top 10 Download too, easier and merrier.

#17 Games that you choose and download from Playcube.
Playcube: By clicking Playcube Tab inside the website, there is variety of games above inside the website to let user choose and download it. Too many kind of games such as soccer, adventures, fantasy and more!

#18 Twit Talk Celebrity from Fun Cube.
Fun Cube: Fun Cube contain wallpapers and theme for your current handphone. Twit Talk Celebrity is included in Fun Cube too, by using some local artist voice, well I got no information about this Twit Talk Celebrity but it seems to be very fun! There is also Voice Poke with different emotion, BPL is for catching live score from football matches, and you can subscribe and read MMS Comic too!

#19 Social Media platform on Frencube of The Cube!
Frencube: If you are using The Cube, they have this function that link your Facebook and Twitter account with The Cube too. If you are lonely, maybe you can seek for friend on the other function of The Cube such as Love, Social SMS, Social WAP, Fren Club and more!

#20 Well by knowing this much detail, I am so ready to "Dengar Cube, Main Cube dan Guna The Cube" sekarang! Because sometimes I will be very eager to seek for the result of the live match of football, and I also like to listen some great and latest music too! Me myself got a cube hat on it, are you ready to CUBE it? Yes I think you are ready hehe!

Overall the event was cool, and I seriously thinks that this event only happen once in a blue moon! Because it is rare that I can stand and watch very close with the local artist performing for the audience with the big eve celebration too!

By visiting The Cube official website, you can visit here!

Nuffnang Post: What is The Cube?

Thanks for Reading, by Kian Fai.


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