Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Johnny English Reborn (2011)

Hi, first of all Thanks to NuffnangMY for giving this opportunity of watching this Johnny English Reborn in Premier time. Was a very nice and funny movie for me, because of the mixture and combination of Mr. Bean and Johnny English in my mind, and not to forget mention the chemical effect in this movie was brilliant. Johnny English Reborn was film in Hong Kong too! There is some article wrote about some Hong Kong place where Johnny English Reborn film it and it is kind of interesting, try Google it! Johnny English Reborn is showing up from 14th September 2011 which means today Wednesday, faster grab your movie ticket from all over cinema in Malaysia Hehe.

Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English, a very brainy with innocent face spy. But sometimes he is really dumb in this movie until when comes to serious situation, his brain start to switch into smart move, to make his mission impossible become mission complete.

Rosamund Pike as Kate Summer, she is a psychologist which is study people face & expression, which is can detect the person is telling truth or lie. Johnny English is flirting with her in this movie, and very funny scene when she is trying to help Johnny English search some memory.

Daniel Kaluuya as Agent Tucker, assigned as Johnny English assistant. Actually watching Johnny English blaming all the mistake on Agent Tucker is kind of funny, at the end Agent Tucker got his revenge by nearly head shooting him.

Gillian Anderson as MI7 Agent Pamela Thornton, Head of MI7 and she is kind of strict person in this movie. You can see very awkward expression from her in this movie because Johnny English strangle her mum while having a meeting inside at her house, and Johnny save her life at the end of story.

For me I personally thinks that this movie is suitable for all audience, and of course some action scene in this movie must warn some kids that "please do not try this at home" too! My personal rating was 9/10, what is not perfect is the movie can be longer and some scene got cut off without realizing it. Still remembering the Old Lady Assassin inside the movie keep on haunting Johnny English until the end the movie, her weapon and equipment was far more awesome than Johnny English.

Thanks for Reading, by Kian Fai.


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