Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Love Samsung Galaxy SII - Funny Video In The House!

Hello! Last few days ago, I got posted about "I Love Samsung Galaxy SII - This is WILD!" and seriously it is very wild and I am slowly seeing other people start to talk about this phone too. My previous update about SII also posted a website link called I Love Samsung Galaxy SII. By clicking it will direct you to this website with some videos, while you land on this website, please go to "Click Here!" and click it. 

After you click "Click Here!" you will direct to another page, the layout of the page is like below picture that I showed. Go to the box I highlighted in Red Color and simply type anything and press Enter, you will get to see some video! Type Nice, Eat, Sleep, or whatever word in your mind right now, just give it a shoot and you may found something really interesting!

You can even request another type of action if you wanted to see something different from them!

By clicking "Post Action Request" button, you will land over the page which is ask you to fill the form. So I had posted "Shuffling with Samsung Galaxy SII and Magic it!", or maybe you can try to post other request like bite, scratch, fold the S II and more! After you apply your request, your name will appear at Action Request Board at the right side! Well I do hope they choose my request and how they shuffling with SII and magic it to me hehe!

What you waiting for? Click and join the fun now!

Facebook Fanpage - Samsung U-nivez

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

Samsung Galaxy SII - This is WILD! Link
Samsung Galaxy SII - Funny Video in The House! Link
Samsung Galaxy SII - Share Your Video! Link


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