Monday, September 26, 2011

I Love Samsung Galaxy SII - This is WILD!

Hello World! I am going to post something about Smartphone! Well in this few years, I had see alot of smartphone launching out non stop and too many kind of brands and different type of smartphone which is different function and a greater function than previous edition.

Here comes the Samsung latest smartphone called Samsung Galaxy SII! My friend had bought it, and it is very elegant for female user because it looks slim, and actually it is suitable for guys too because this phone is light, less burden! Do not fear about the complicated Icon from the picture below, actually it is very easy to use if you know how to use iPhone in basic way. If you are Android lover, you will definitely love this phone too! Don't know anything about Android? Read here!

This phone just launch at Malaysia about 1 month ago, and this phone is selling like hot cakes around the world!

#1 Samsung Galaxy SII

Ok, there is one thing for you all need to take note. There is this website which is sharing video about Samsung Galaxy SII, I found out it is interesting for me, so I decide to share about it too! All of them are Samsung Galaxy SII owner and the video is showing what they are doing with their SII!

#2 This is the link to the website - (

#3 When you access the website, remember to click "Click Here!" which is I circled in red color circle above.

You can also share your own video if you are one of the Samsung Galaxy SII owner. For more information can seek from Facebook or read T & C from the website too! By clicking (

Facebook Fanpage - Samsung U-nivez

Thanks for Reading, by Kian Fai.

Samsung Galaxy SII - This is WILD! Link
Samsung Galaxy SII - Funny Video in The House! Link
Samsung Galaxy SII - Share Your Video! Link


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