Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dream House (2011)

Hi, first of all I would like to say that this contain does really contain some spoiler, so please read with risk if you don't want me to spoil your fun. This is not a horror movie, somehow I am mad that this movie is under category of PG 13, this movie actually deserve under category "U" since there is no horror scene or gore scene.

Daniel Craig as Will Atenton, and Rachel Weisz as Libby Atenton, husband and wife in this movie. Starting with Will and his family moved into new house they just bought, and Will quit his job and wanted to spend more time with his family and write novel too.

His daughter Dee Dee got scared by a man who's standing outside of the house and Will just trying to calm Dee Dee down and make it as small deal. Until next morning he check his surrounding house he feel something strange about it, he start his own investigation because police doesn't want to give him a help.

Naomi Watts as Ann Patterson, Will opposite neighbor, and also one of the previous good friend of Libby.

[Movie Spoiler]
Why police doesn't want to help Will? And something wrong about his new house too! The house that Will staying right now got happen some bad news, about a family of four got killed by gun shoot and the father survive. Police think that this father is the killer who kill his own daughter and wife, the name of the killer is Peter Ward! Peter Ward has been release from Green Haven at the same time of Will Atenton quit his job, does it smell fishy for you?

Will actually go to Green Haven and start investigate about Peter Ward, and it end up discover that Peter Ward it is Will Atenton himself. Name of Will Atenton is given by himself and actually his brain covering himself and also protect himself not to know more about truth. The job of Will Atenton is fake, the happiness and warming house is fake, and also his wife and his daughter is also . . . ok wait, it is not fake alright.

If you know about how a person die in a natural way, the soul will follow a guidance to somewhere else which is full of hope and lights. If a person die in unnatural way, the soul will bound to the place (crime scene) until found out the true about the incident, and also some soul is not satisfy with their previous lifestyle and wanted to live in the fullest. (Example Libby wanted to live in the fullest with her Husband Will)

The balance of truth need to find out by yourself, split this movie in 3 part, I think first and second part was good to awesome, 3rd part of the movie is kind of ridiculous because the reason is super lame.

In the end it doesn't matter, because Daniel Craig will become right in the movie. I rate this movie 5/10, this movie is suitable for all audience and there is nothing really freaky inside this movie. And I prefer Daniel Craig in Cowboys & Aliens (2011). In cowboys movie he is a bad ass got brainwashed by aliens, at the end he is a hero! LOL!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


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