Friday, August 5, 2011

X-Play Party at Opera, Sunway Pyramid

X-Play Party is held at Opera, Sunway Pyramid on 30th July 2011 (Saturday). This event announcement is kind of late and not many people know about it. And I think less people that I know attend this event too, due to the date is clash with Hennessy Artistry. Typical Malaysian Style making me more stress, because since the event start on 7pm, there is less crowded people inside right in front of the stage. Until 9pm on wards, the crowd start filling up. I would think that last year 2010 X-Play event held at e@curve Library was successful compare with this year.

X-Play Ticket Redemption Center right outside of Opera. 

Our VIP Pass from X-Play Event. I wonder how they define VIP or non VIP. There is ground floor and upper level floor, and there is a signboard which is stated VIP, Blogger, & Media for Upper Floor. The Bouncer told us to use another entrance which is enter to ground floor, so we just go ahead and find a good seat. Well no point to argue with it because I saw some blogger is at ground floor also, so the blogger they mean is only for Official X-Play / Celcom Blogger? Who knows LOL!

Some live performance which is judged by the judges. Basically everything was cool and some band perform too overreacting which is yelled like King-Kong. And there is more than 5 people in 1 band too, Example: 3 vocalist? LOL alright I got no comment on it, as long as they make a nice song and sing it well! Photo taken from Sherry Camera.

Kelvin (David Friends), David and Sherry. Nice to meeting up with David, I know him from last year X-Play Event and didn't meet up with each other until last month at e@curve, watching screening and meet him.

Sam (from Arabella), Sherry and Me. Nice to meeting with Sam again, I should put my head closer to Sherry because there is a photo-bomb right behind of us!

Thank You X-Play Event for the free-flow and I hope that next time will have earlier announcement and hope to get more crowd next year?

Photo Credit: Sherry

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. Oh, there is free flow eh? I did not go cause not much friends are going..

  2. lol at photo bomb.

    VIP passes babeh!! Cool

  3. Pfttt~ put a hello kitty on the photobomb head. XD
    Is another free flow... missed. =S

  4. Woi, where you peeps get VIP passes from la? I want also :)

  5. Lol wow the pictures are great xD I just wish I was there, looked like tons of fun...ah time lah. To be honest, you were right, i didn't even know about this

  6. I prefer less crowd cos dun really like crowded places haha!

  7. the events seems to be so much fun


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