Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramadhan Buffet at Holiday Villa Subang Jaya

First of all I would like thanks Thristhan for inviting me to this Ramadhan Buffet at Holiday Villa Subang Jaya, so I can have meet more other people too. This is my second round of Ramadhan Buffet and I believe this time Buffet it really shock me, because the food is more than 270 kind which is include Starter, Main Course and Dessert. I like the concept about how Holiday Villa have this Ramadhan Buffet, because the moment you in the crowd, you feel like you are in the Baazar Ramadhan!

Basically I think this post is a short cut post for all my reader to see what is so special about Holiday Villa Ramadhan Buffet.

Crispy and Tradition Keropok in da house yo! I remember when I was kid, my dad like to buy these kind of keropok and have it while watch TV every night.

Sup Daging, thanks to the Chef who stir this soup until my photo also blur haha.  

Rendang Daging and Rendang Ayam, fresh and well cook to wait for guest and grab them.

Fresh Mussels, I do like Mussels with my pasta. So I will grab a plate of pasta and mix some of them in it hehe.

Fresh Oyster which is serve to prepare let the guest and sapu all of them. Last Picture of you guys, stay strong!

Any Kebab Fans over here? I am! The Kebab here taste awesome compare with those Mini Kebab Store open at Sunway Pyramid or One Utama, you can taste the meat when every bite that put inside your mouth.

Some Malay Tradition Kuih-Muih, Goreng Pisang, Goreng Cempedak and more, these food can easily find at Bazaar Ramadhan or Tepi Jalan! Not to forget to mention this, the goreng-goreng kuih above is Fresh.

Nasi Pulut with the Rendang Chicken, there is a Chicken and Beef Floss for you to add on with it.

Nasi Briyani Kambing and Nasi Briyani Chicken, I had choose the top one and the taste is good. Because I didn't have any Nasi Briyani Kambing before hehe. Got the taste of Kambing Meat inside of course.

The Extreme Hot BBQ Pit that Grill Beef Steak, everything is Fresh and Hot!

Chickens, Beef Steak and Otak-Otak, the Otak-Otak taste not very original, and taste was good and very thick.

Pasta, which is prepare on the spot by chef. Got 2 kind of flavor which is Carbonara and Tomato, and 2 kind pasta which is Spaghetti and Rigatoni. 2 Thumbs up for the chef because the pasta serve really well!

Malay Style Salad, why? Because it is different than the salad that we having always.

Curry Chicken, standard taste of all other curry chicken.

Daging Rendang, taste spicy and hot, luckily I take only few of them.

Fish, that taste like little asam sour and sweet at the same time.

Fried Kuey Teow with Daging, one of my favorite too.

Prawns, the taste was a little spicy.  

Squid Braised with Dried Chili, Green and Red Pepper. Taste was good if you got not enough of Calamari.

Mixed Broccoli, Carrot, Mini Corn, and Mushrooms. To be honest, the taste is better than my home-cook, because I grab twice of it.

Feel like having breakfast? Yes you can have feel slice of bread in the Buffet.

Popiah with different flavor, there is some crab meat in it.

Sushi bar section, Sushi and Temaki will be prepare on the spot once you finish your request to the chef.

Sushi Roll and Calamari, many guest has been grabbing this 2 food at the time I shoot the photo of this. And the chef prepare Calamari with his patience to ensure the food is in perfect taste.

Do you like Indian foods? There is Roti, Tosai, Chapathi and Roti Jala, with 4 types of different curry sauce.

Mee Section: Everything over here is DIY. You can choose what is your favorite mee, mix it and boil it into Hot Soup.

Mee Section: Then you get to mix with the ingredient such as Bean Sprout, Spring Onion, Prawns, Kerang, Veges & etc.

Mee Section: After you boil your Mee and the Ingredient that you choose, you can choose one of the 5 kind of soup from here. There is Normal Soup, Curry & etc.

Sweet tooth such as cakes and jelly to make sure you are enjoying your dessert time. The taste of the cakes really satisfy me.

Remember there is some pak cik / mak cik who sell some sort of dessert drinks in-front of your old time school at your Kampung? There is some tradition dessert drinks which is I didn't try before! Four kind of them and all four of them is sweet!

Six Different Ice Cream to let you choose and 3 different topping to let you add, sweet!

My DIY ABC (Ais Batu Campur) with some cendol, jelly, corn, and gula.

Cookies Raya for Sell! There is different varieties of Tradition Cookies to let you choose, purchase them and serve your guest right!

For last 3 days of Bulan Ramadhan, you will get 50% Discount for your total bill!

If you wish to dine in here for your Buka Puasa and you are not believe me what I type above about 50% Discount, you can contact 03-5633 8788 for more Enquiry & Reservation.
Price Range is: RM 77++ (Adult) and RM 57++ (Children)

Address: Holiday Villa Hotel & Resort Suites in Subang
9, Jalan SS 12/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Sekian Terima Kasih dan Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan, By Kian Fai.


  1. Wah last 3 days got diskaun??? Must go during that time then, thanks for da heads up Edmend and spread looks great!!

  2. Hahah HEYY thanks for the comment xD I lovee your pictures *hungry again* ahhhhh why did I come back. Happy ramadan (p/s: I'm fasting too! Tee hee)

  3. Wow, so many choices. And they have keropoks too. Om nom nom nom nom!

  4. next time dont eat too much later vomit again lol

  5. yum yum!! i wanna sapu all the raw oysters :D

  6. So many choices! But all spicy!!!

  7. haha.. sekian terima kasih :P

    nice spread of food there... need to go jogging after eating all those!

  8. Arrgghhh.....arggghhhh......argghhhh......arrgghhhh......I wanna eat these food!

  9. Wow...a whopping 270 kinds of food...I think I will love the kabab abd oyster. :p

  10. Omg...yummy yummy...
    the sup daging photo is nice effect..hehe

  11. nice variety of food available..hmm sup daging looks good

  12. Guess you're not only busy eating, also busy snapping photos here and there! Slurpp~

  13. wow, really a lot of food there!! very impressive, haha, and really feels like Bazaar Ramadhan when you were there?? haha, with all the buzz from the chefs trying to promote their food?? :D

  14. and i actually like how the kuih muih are being presented in such nicely crafted boxes!! they make the kuih muih look like precious gems don't you think?? haha, cool idea.. :)

  15. Thanks for all the Comment!
    [SK], yeah there is Baazar feel in and outside of the restaurant. And the Kuih Muih they place inside the box make it so precious.

    Caroline / Hayley, hahaha Busy Taking Photo and Bloated :)

    Eric / Tekkaus, it is like a meaning One Malaysia Element in the Buffet :X

    Charmaine, Not All Is Spicy hehe

    Sam, Thanks to the Chef and Me :P

    Merry, Yah Now you remind me about I need to look for my sports attire!

    Monica, lol I dun sapu oyster and I don't know how to eat it lol

    Ken, Tony, Isaac, lol I enjoying it ~

    Mariuca, remember belanja me ok? hehehe

    Punk Chopstics, lol you are welcome and I am fasting with my own style too.

  16. So many things to eat! Ur so lucky..haha

    Dude, thanks for the wish!;-)

  17. Wow bro, you list nearly got all the 271 dishes wei :)

  18. Man,these look tasty!! Ho ho ho.. yo,I'm not into the PUASA things la.. I'm not Muslim.. U can invite me for any beer tasting.. Hahaha.. Aki Karut

  19. OMG ! Ramadhan buffet ! Kian fai, ppl on diet, you make me saliva drooling again ! T-T

  20. wow.. 270 food? kinda crazy loh.. wakkakaka....
    i didnt celebrate bulan ramadhan here. hehehe...

  21. Burrrrffff!!!! I'm full now hehehe just by looking at your photos..
    Oh God Kianfai.. I'm drooling now... there are so plenty of them

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  23. i neva went to a ramadhan buffet b4...no1 invite me T.T

    and te food look oh-so-spicy....

  24. Wow! Wow! Wow! That is a lot of food. I will get fatter on just one visit. I love to eat buffet and the most expensive one in town is Lemon Garden at Shangri la hotel. Burnt my pockets! Ha ha ha...


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