Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meeples, European Boardgame Cafe

Hi, first of all I would like to Thanks to Eric Lee for recommend this place to me and I found this place is superb interesting, I really discover lot of board-games that I didn't even see before in my life time! If you wanted to tell me about Monopoly, Ladder and Snake, I would like to bring you guys visit this place and try all the games in there! My date for visiting this place for last few days ago is Eric, Caroline and Adrian.

We played 4-5 kinds of game. there is Chateau Roquefort, Chicken Cha Cha Cha, Cloud 9 and Panic Tower. Can play 3 player to 5 player, and some game only can fit max 4 player. I will type a little explenation here, if you cannot understand, just go and visit Meeples at SS15 Subang.

Chicken Cha Cha Cha is a memory game, which is require you to remember all the cards which is face down on the table and you need to open them to move your chicken forward. To win the game, the chicken need to cross over another chicken and take the tail, then put it at your chicken back.

Here is how it looks like, need to open the green color card. Then see you can move forward or not, you cant mess the middle part of those green cards anyways. Another of my opinion which is try to speed up the game, if the game too slow, your opponent will remember all the picture at the middle, and your tail will get to mock off by your opponent easily.

Chateau Roquefort is a 3D board-game, command you rat to steal 4 different kind of cheese, who collect all of them, he or she will announce as winner! You have 4 action with you, either open a roof, move your mouse 1 step or slot a card inside the castle (it may be trap pop out).

Gorgeous 3D board-game, you can saw green mouse only got 3, we have 4 each for all of us, best play is 4 player. How to collect the cheese? Your mouse need to step on 2 same cheese picture only can get the cheese that you step on it. If you don't want to let your friend win, you can choose to stay on the ground forever until the trap appear!

Cloud 9 is a board-game is with 4 kind of color card, 4 dice, 1 "hot-air balloon", 4 marker and a board which is show score and point. Very interesting box isn't it? I thought this board-game is floating at the air with balloon!

It is very hard to explain this game and the best is explain while playing with it and this game is about trust your friends or not. We cant see each other hands and each time the balloon explode we get to draw one card. Everyone can take turn to become pilot, as a pilot you also can choose to "JUMP SHIP" and get your point, if the balloon explode and you on the ship, you didn't get the point. And also the person who jump ship wont become Pilot. Well if you can't get my word, visit Meeples!

Panic Tower! Mini Wood Towers with some UNO alike card, card will show some instruction that what you should do with the Wood Tower and where you need to stack on it. 

Beginning of the game already have some tower staking up rapidly, setting of this game is something like picture shown above, everyone take turn to pick 1 card from the deck pile. Why is it UNO alike card? Is because you can skip your own turn and reverse back to the player to pick up another 1 instruction card.

Caroline is trying to stack a tower from orange on to purple tower, and it didn't fall down.

I was trying to move 1 tall wood tower to another clear sector, thank god it is clear sector! My hand was shaking, try my best to move it!

And I had successful move the wood tower, cheers! Hehe I am so happy about it LOL!
Overall I think all the board-game that I played above all is my favorite, and Cloud 9 is one if the funny and trusting game between your friend. We keep on asking each other "wanna ride on my hot air balloon?" "wanna follow me?" LOL!

They also got sell some drinks such as Juices and Soft Drinks.

There are not only let us play the game in Meeples, they also got sell those board-games too. For more enquirers about the board-games pricing, you can drop a call or ask them directly by visiting Meeples at SS15.

If you guys interested to drop by at Meeples, the location is at SS15 Subang Jaya, very near towards MC Donald's and Baskin Robbin, it is at 1st Floor.
Address: 64-1, SS15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-5633 8033
Business Hour: from 11am to 1am, Tuesday to Sunday.
Website: Meeples.com.my
Meeples: Facebook Fanpage

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.

P.S.: Sorry for messy explanation! If you wish to join me to visit Meeples, PM me on Facebook & Twitter, or also can drop comment over here too!


  1. macam best but too bad im not really into board game, prefer games with physical movement! XD

  2. The board games look so cute and fun!

  3. such an interesting game in a cool cafe! You guys seem to be having so much fun :) Nice!

  4. teddy bear is super cute in this post! :D

  5. Wah macam fun wor! Never heard of any of those games b4. New stuff to try!

  6. yay! these are so cute... I'm not familiar with any of these boardgames.. all so new to me but they all look fun especially the Panic Tower haha i hope i can find one here
    my brother and I will surely have fun with that
    thanks for sharing
    this resto is very creative for having this unique theme for their place huh

  7. yeah, I read about this place in carol's blog, and I think this cafe is just a very cool place!! :)

  8. it's something different yet a cost place to meetup and gather with close friends, playing all those boardgames will be even more fun..

  9. I really have not seen all those games before, haha, so "pai seh" but I can see they must be fun to play.. oh, btw what type of food and drinks they serve over there??

  10. hi Kianfai.. I'm back again here
    can i ask for your comment about my entry?
    thank you so much
    hope to see you there

  11. i wanna go! wahahahaha. the games so colourful.

  12. Hahaha,what a cute cafe! XD lol,we did eat alot lah,where got diet,hahaha! XD

  13. yeah.. interesting concept.. :)

  14. Yeap..i like the CLoud 9 game best too...haha

  15. The board games look cute! But I'm not into board games anymore. Haha!

  16. I wanna go!!! I looooove board games! I didn't know this place existed! Now I'm so excited! Some more my children keep on asking me to buy board games. Now I know that I don't have to buy them, just go here instead!! Hehehehe so glad I came to your blog! Come lah we go again with Caroline and ERic! hahahahaha

  17. wow!!! This is interesting! At least it will not be bored when yam cha and nothing to talk abt. :) Nice POst!

  18. syok syok!!! ahahahah come go again this week? :p


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