Friday, August 26, 2011

Lionel & Mei Yi Open House Food Treat

Hi here, picture above can really describe me and thanks to Eric Lee help me snap a nice photo haha. I am seriously alright and seriously cool! Don't ask me something really sad, ask me something positive so I can really give you a awesome four numbers! Well what I wanna post right now is a foody treat over here for Lionel & Mei Yee Open House Food Treat, it is a mini gathering and the food was really nice and cool, will list out real soon!

First, Tuna Sandwiches, Starter to be exact.

Spaghetti with mushroom and sausages, cook by Mei Yee, taste was not bad and I like sausages haha!

This is Spicy Version of Spaghetti with mushroom and sausages, it is so spicy and the other say it was alright.

Hokkien Mee, looks like brain alright? Somewhere from puchong and the taste is good! Although the mee had been packed for more than 30minute but still can taste the heat and the sauce of it. Thanks to Adrian the magician who heat up the food by a single glare of it LOL!

Fried Bihun Mee, this sure taste spicy and I didn't try it at all! Opps Sorry hehe!

Satay, don't know from where but definitely taste cool too. I think is from Lionel family, thanks!

Buka Puasa Time! And some of them finish their food with speed of light too! Don't Pray Pray yo!

Left to Right (Standing) Quachee, Mei Yee and Lionel. Left to Right (Sitting) Grey, Mei Yee friend, Adrian, Me, Eric and Caroline.

Mille Crepe which is brought by Caroline and Eric from Humble Beginnings. Taste was good and cost is wise! If you wanna know more about it, try the Facebook Page here! It is less cost than Food Foundry.

This is Cupcakes that bake by a friend called Li May, the cream topping was really special and mixed with Oreo chips. The taste is creamy and crunchy at the same time too! Was really glad that reach Mei Yee place in time and put them into fridge to lower down the temperature so the taste is even more cooler!

Thanks to Caroline for posing with the cupcakes, is really look . . . pretty hehe!

The last photo of all of us before end this post, thanks to Panda for the kind photography services, appreciated! And thanks to Mei Yee and Lionel for the invite so I won't feel lonely on my weekend hehe. Everyone was very full and happy on that night and it is a awesome weekend I have!

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. Spotted mille crepe :D Another makan gathering o~ So busy arr you..

  2. I have never tasted mille crepe before =( isit nice?

  3. hmph hmph! look not nice then say not nice lor. :p ohyea i love gathering like this. ;)

  4. So many food gathering ar u...

  5. Cool T-shirt and awesome food!! OOO drooling here especially over the millie crepe!

  6. hey?? you changed the shirt of you changed the t-shirt?? i saw you wearing differently from the photo woh..

  7. nice food, and A LOT OF nice food!! hahaha, i guess food is sure one focus for blogger gathering, besides for eating - for photographing and for review in the blog, haha~~ :D

  8. orrrhhh, you just say Witch's spaghetti is not bad, and somemore say because you like to eat sausage!! haha.. ok ok, so i got what you mean already~~ :p

  9. and my pick is actually the mille crepe!! looks so good, and who came out with the idea of cutting into small cubes, somemore put toothpicks on each of the cubes.. looks like an artistic craft lor~~ :)

  10. yummy food, nice shirt and awesome gathering! :D

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  11. LOL your first pic pwnage!

    tak ajak sobsss

  12. Wow, so many yummy food ya!

    Happy holidays!

  13. I want to try the mille crepe !!


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