Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hungry Ghost Festival - Umbrella

Hi, I would like to drop a short post in my blog, it is about umbrella in hungry ghost month. Is that any specialty if you use umbrella within that period? Nope, nothing special at all. But what happen that you use your Umbrella inside the house or indoor area?

So my question was what happen that you use your umbrella inside the house or indoor area?

Actually, nothing will happen. But a people which is strong believe in religious and ghost will strongly advice not to open your umbrella at indoor.

There is 2 method, first which is when you open your umbrella at indoor when the time period is hungry ghost month, your umbrella will be stolen by thief.

Second method is . . . when you open your umbrella at indoor, the meaning of this is calling the ghost or summon the ghost near to you, the umbrella is like a second home for them. When a spirit or soul is weak, cannot stand sunlight, heavy wind and rain, the spirit or soul will need to hide inside the umbrella to avoid them. There is some example about it, when your elders pass away, you will saw a umbrella is being placed at casket of the upper body and head of dead body, this is trying to tell the spirit or soul please go into the umbrella and umbrella will make sure of protect the spirit or soul. Some ghost-catcher who is trying to catch the ghost or seal them, they will use umbrella to catch them and absorb them inside the umbrella, then the ghost-catcher will place a amulet on it.

[Fact] I have a story here, that I fetch a girl home who got a umbrella with her. Before we finish our dinner, she remind me about her umbrella inside my car. We have some nice chat before she reach her hostel, and some conversation about curse from Malay, Taoism and Thai, is just to concern about her not to offend some of other people (Well there is too many different kind people in this world). After drop her at her hostel, I drive back to my house straight, on the way, I realize there is a umbrella right beside of me and it stun me for 5 second while I driving. I decide to make a call to her and ask her about it.
"Hi, did you bring your umbrella go down just now?"
"Oh, I am so sorry I left it in your Car." She replied.
I feel so relief now and starting laughing at myself, oh well . . . better keep this down so that I wont freak out myself right away!

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.

P.S.: Method above may be materialized from some Movie or TV show, or from some story has been told by Taoism Culture (Chinese).


  1. shouldn't have read this post at this hour, haha! AIKS!

  2. I regret reading this now too... Thinking too much already. =(

  3. Haha! Yeah heard about not opening the umbrella inside the house. I never did since the first time I heard this advice. LOL!!

    Thanks for sharing and don't scare yourself silly haha!!

  4. I try to avoid opening an umbrella in the house all the time :)

  5. actually the umbrella belief is only applicable to the olden chinese umbrella made out of bamboo and paper..this is because of the material used in making the umbrella..bamboo is believed to have the power to summon and also chase spirit away...when someone get possessed by spirit..they must only used bamboo chopsticks to kepit their middle finger..

  6. err.. i never heard about this thingy but i do heard of open umbrella in house is not a gud thing to do or u going to find there's snake in ur house/ :x

  7. it was raining heavily yesterday. umbrellas were a-must lol

  8. I remember there used to be this cantonese drama about the female ghost with an umbrella :P Btw, I read this, no need wait few days lah HAHA

  9. I thought the umbrella placed over coffin is not to let the dead to see the sky. No? I am not sure where I heard that.

  10. When my friend's sister and her Korean husband died during the 2004 tsunami in Phuket, he used the umbrella to call their spirits to enter into the umbrella. They did and jumped out in KL...! Eeeeee! I dunno how to tell you what happened. Eeee! My bulu roma stand now!



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