Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#digibukapuasa at The Bee

Hi all, I would like to post a short update about Digi buka puasa this time. Thanks to NuffnangMY and this is my first time attend this kind of event with my identity of Digi Angel. This happen at The Bee, Jaya One, on 25th of August 2011 (Thursday). Other than eating food, Digi had also introduce some new HTC Smartphones too.

Stage of The Bee, usually there is some band perform to entertain customer in here.

Some HTC Smartphones on the booth to let us molest.

Some of the bloggers playing with the HTC Smartphones.

My Chili Dog, the food was normal. Limited of food picture due to I'm late for the event.

My Peppermint Infusion Tea, full of mint taste, cant really use to eat with hot drinks.

y--square Jasmine Green Tea.

My soft-drink Sprite with lemon.

My Chocolate Banana Peanut Cake. You can taste 3kind of taste from this cake, Chocolate, Banana and Peanut.

Someone's Oreo cheesecake, it is obvious because there is a Oreo Biscuit on top haha.

After enjoying all the food, bloggers get to play some game to win something. Something which is HTC phone review, only 4 teams (3 people in 1 team) can have chance to win the phone review.

Lastly, some freebies from HTC and Digi, a mini case filled with multi colors of Highlighter. Cute right? Hehe.

If you are interested Digi Smart Plan Promotion, you can click here to know more about it. And many HTC smartphones from Digi smart plan is very cheap. I plan to get HTC ChaCha if I got extra cash, and it might be another headache matter for me because I got too many phone line. Oh well not a big deal, plan to switch my 010 from XOX to Digi, hope it helps.

Facebook Links: The Bee, Jaya One, Digi, NuffnangMy.

Thanks for reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. The dessert looks really nice *drooling*

  2. Why change to ChaCha? Good meh?

  3. ooh nice, so there was no super lucky draw that night for a HTC smartphone?? hehe..

  4. errr, yalor, the hotdog doesn't seem attractive at all.. but then those cheesecakes look like heaven!!!

  5. chocolate banana peanut butter!! OMG, that is so fattening yet sounds so delish!! i want to try that~~ :p

  6. oh yeah, those highlighter looks nice and is a good idea as door gifts..

  7. KF, u seem to be having lots of fun attending these events :) It's really good for your blog. I'm happy for u. On the contrary, I usually shy away from these. I not too much into networking stuff.

    Peppermint Infusion Tea? Love it! Definitely my kind of tea :)

  8. foods look good, event looks fun and i like the cute mini highlighter ;)

  9. HTC chacha is like blackberry phones,lol. But i like the name XD

  10. Nice event! om nom nom, with phones all around. Cool!

  11. I LOVE OREO CHEESECAKE!!! hahaha so much fun! :D

  12. oh my the cheesecake looks so delicious..i want!!! :P


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