Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Conan the Barbarian (2011)

First of all, thanks to Mr. Jayleo, he receive his movie pass from TGV and NuffnangMY, so he decide to share with me and another 2 friends. At first it is slightly hard to decide what movie we going to watch, and this movie catch my so we decide to choose this movie and watch. This post contain some spoiler, read with care alright?

This movie contain heck lot of blood thirst and you can feel the pain by watching it, some of the action is kind of overreacting and some love scene will cut from the movie screen in Malaysia cinema, some cut scene contain some naked woman who is imprison or slaved. If you watch 3D then you can spot Conan butts in 3D too LOL.

Jason Momoa as Conan, the most powerful barbarian and he is the one only can stop the evil trick from Khalar Zym. In this movie didn't really explain what it his living purpose, if you understand for beginning of this movie, he is only seek for revenge from Khalar Zym. The best thing about him is you can see his shiny curvy butt! Girl will like it definitely.

Stephen Lang as Khalar Zym, he killed Conan father, known as Corin. To retrieve one of the fragment of the mask hidden by Corin. Khalar Zym is a mean dude that will destroy the whole village, it seems most of the movie and story know a days, bad ass will destroy the whole village, so as Khalar Zym. What it is his purpose of posses the mask?

Rose McGowan as Marique, daughter of Khalar Zym. She is a witch, who know the taste and the meaning of pure blood. She seems to be pro in assassinating with her sharp claw, don't let the sharp claw cheat you, she is a witch anyways, who control the power of voodoo or sand magic, who knows? Her appearance & hairstyle is looks like Starcraft 2 Sarah Keriggan.

Rachel Nichols as Tamara, who represent pure blood from her tribe. She is skilled in some fighting skill, those type of not very easy to get killed. Khalar Zym hunting for her for some ritual, maybe is to do something important.

Overall this movie would be perfect if they didn't cut any scene in Malaysia, it would be better if compare with Final Destination. If you know the barbarian fighting style, then you will see some cut, crash, boom scene in this movie, then you will saw tomato splash everywhere in the big screen too! It is almost looks like real War from Lord of the Ring and it almost shock me to puke my popcorn out from my mouth, which means the sounds effect is enough to impress you. I would rate 4/10, the bad thing about this movie is too much tomato splashing here and there, like the fight got no tomorrow, even there is someone balls nearly gone missing too!

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. I watched already too. zomg. so brutal I constantly need always be ready to cover my eyes. LOL

  2. hahaha!! i can expect this to be a very violent show, tomato ketchup splashing all around!!! :D

  3. so here censored there censored, i wonder how complete the movie is.. sometimes so confused, if already 18PL then who still need to censor?? ppl above 18 already can handle all those scene mah..

  4. if that's rated U then only censor lah, right?? 18PL still censor dunno for what?? always no originality when watching movie in malaysia one lah..

  5. everyone looks so evil one !! XDDD

  6. i kind of like it, but just feel Conan looks too feminine, pretty boy :P

  7. Like very scary wooo... btw my friend called this movie conan the barbarian aka big boobs lol

  8. I just got back from Watching Conan. Yes yes really banyak tomatoes everywherr, damn yuck! And yes SUPER potong when they cut the bobbies scenes, and COnan's butt butt is sexayyyyyyy!
    Btw, hate Zym's daughter, Marique...dun u think she's like the father's woman more than the daughter.??...wrong signal....bleh.

  9. not sure will go watch this or not. dnt like blood splashing scene!! xD


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