Thursday, August 18, 2011

Carmen House Party Gathering No. 3

Before the war started.
Yo Everyone, first of all, thanks to Carmen and Elwyn who organize this potluck party. It is the 3rd time already, I remember first time was Chinese new year, Second time is non related day and I bought Hokkien Mee which is cannot finish by everyone. I remember it because the guest cannot finish Hokkien Mee that I bought hehe. Oh Well this is the Third house party which is organize by Carmen, it is potluck concept again, you can see KFC, Salad, Home-cook Mee, Snack and more!

What I brought is Mille Crepe from Food Foundry, Vanilla Flavor and it cost like RM 108 for 1 whole cake, I request them to cut 22 slices. Price is doesn't matter, and I hope everyone enjoy and happy!

Pizzas! I didn't get the chance to eat these pizza because all got eaten in few minutes time . . .

Pizzas, Home-cook Tom Yam Fried Bihun by Jayren Mummy (tomyam taste very good), and KFC!

Creme Brulee by Edwin Chan, he is very nice guy and talented! The taste of Creme Brulee was good! And I think I need to drink more water hehe!

Mushroom Soup by our Mr. Edwin Chan, the soup is gravy and I seriously enjoy it.

And Macaroons by Mr. Edwin Chan again, he put lots of effort on this macaroons and the taste is sweet and crunchy too.

2 Colored Muruku.

Starting the war real soon! Sim Yee is . . . what she doing? LOL! Why is yeeing staring up?

Group of us, which is playing games, thanks to Ryan Mo bringing his Wii! We playing Rock Band 3 and only got 2 guitar and 1 singer hehe. 

(Left to Right) Henry Lee, Simon So, Jessy Long and Elwyn

(Left to Right) Carmen, Edwin Chan, Carmen Friend, and Sim Yee

(Left to Right) Me, Simon Har, BenjaminJayrenRyan, and Suresh

(Top Left to Right) Jayren, Ryan and Henry Lee. (Bottom Left to Right) Geneebites, Yeeing and Chutipond.

And group photo which is have everyone of us! (Actually this photo is Isaac ciao-ing soon one, hehe) Cheers guys, hope for another one which is Mooncakes Festival or Christmas?

There is more people that I didn't tag in, and some of you may recognize who are they too! Forgive my laziness perhaps I will be more hardworking next time and take more photo from my camera.

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.

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  1. Dis is y I hate U Kian Fai.. Lot of food n U didn't even bring me along?? How can U finish it by urself.. I think,both of us can finish em all without any trace.. LoL.. ^_^.v.. Hahaha..

  2. Omg you so funny arr take our candid picture ><

  3. Wow nice! Mille crepe and macaroons look awesome!

  4. Nice meet up! and of course the Mile Crepe was tempting! :D

  5. hehehe, it was an awesome night indeed!

  6. hehehe, already read about this from Isaac's blog.. actually did you both communicate within yourselves before posting this??

  7. there were two occasions, first is this party and the second is the movie bridesmaid.. i think you both agree not to blog about it at the same time right??

  8. cos i see when you blog about movie he blogs about party, when you blog about party he blogs about movie.. hahahaha!! or just coincidence??

  9. anyway, back to the topic!! i'm really impressed with this party what accommodates 25 bloggers!! that is such a huge house!! and of course all those delish food, OMG, already start drooling now already looking at them!! :D

  10. and everyone seems to be so happy, cam-whoring around huh?? haha, i bet you guys must have had a great evening.. :)

  11. I wanna play wii rockband! Organize another house party hehe

  12. pizza.. no chance to eat, but got time to snap photo when still got many available! :P

  13. the Macaroons remind me of a Spongebob Episode haha where in he decided to create colored burgers haha

  14. Wah! All of you so young and know how to party with great food! We uncles always eat lousy and traditional food during pot lucks!


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