Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sim Yee Birthday Celebration

Sneak Peak for the Birthday Cake, what kind of shape would it be? Until you finish reading this post, you will know what is the shape of this cake for the Birthday Girl. Happy Birthday Sim Yee, early celebration for you! Wish you all the best and have a awesome fun in the future! And Thanks for inviting me into this party.

So basically only few of us is there. Janice, Isaac, Vince, Sim Yee, Me, Simon and Henry Lee. Hope for more people hoop in because Sim Yee say "the more the merrier". LOL! Alright just joking, she didn't say that and I would like to say she is very busy about her celebration and she is dam happy!

Me, Simon and Henry, I just arrive and I was late. I reach on 9.30pm, and I am very sorry Sim Yee! Please forgive me yah!

Vince and Me, didn't meet him since after Chinese New Year I think. *Thumbs Up*

Sim Yee and her Boy Friend LOL!

Sim Yee relative is waiting for cakes now! Because they are excited and curios what is the shape of the cake. Spotted the Pink Pantex? Awesome huh? Hehe!

So finally the cake is review to everyone, it is 21 shape. Which means Sim Yee age is 21 years old, hahaha gotcha!

So lets end this post with Sim Yee cutting cake and distribute to all the guest. Thank you Sim Yee and her parent for the invitation, and they cater it for Sim Yee Birthday Celebration too. That night was practically full and Happy Mood, Hehe!

Thanks for reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. awww, nice and pretty xing! Happy birthday babe!!

  2. 21 is a big day aye. Happy birthday to you friend. :)

  3. Wow, that was a very big and lovely cake! I cant remember if I had that kinda cake when I was 21, LOL...

  4. oh, homestyle birthday party!! i missed attending to that a lot and definitely like it.. miss all those homecooked food like curry chicken, fried beehoon, agar-agar etc.. nice!! :)

  5. Happy belated birthday to Sim Yee! So only show cake? Where are all the other food? LOL!

  6. Pretty birthday girl ! Happy Birthday to her :P

  7. Happy Birthday to Sim Yee! nice cake! :)

  8. wow who is using the pink pentax? so yenggggg!

  9. Wow, what a party! Happy Belated bday, Sim Yee!

    Thks for checking out my Angry Birds Onigiri Bento Box (おにぎり)! Very interesting comments :)


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