Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Most Memorable Experience Buying Online

First of all, I will explain "My Most Memorable Experience Buying Online" in words, I hope it wont bored you.

It is long time ago, around year 2005, that time I am still young and it is around 18 years old, I use to know more people online via Forum. Until one day I saw one of my virtual friend is trying to sell off his PlayStation 2 for a very low price with some games. I am a very shy person but at the end I decide to buy his PlayStation 2 and meet him up at Time-Square Starbucks Coffee. I waited him for 30minutes, and I keep my patience and wait for him, called him once . . . maybe and I think he say he is on his way here.

Finally I meet up with this virtual friend who deal PlayStation 2 with me, he is very polite person at first then we still keep contact with each other until now (means now he is throwing mean jokes to me, LOL). Conclusion is you can also make friend on buying online website (but please be-careful about it too). Well that time I use forum and I still young, I got no idea of any buying site too (which mean I am a lucky guy). Now in year 2011, is expanding his network to let more people know about it. There is a poster below to show you about event of

So will you be there at Mid-Valley? I think I will drop by on Sunday because it is my only day that I will be free. I will expect more free gift for give away and more lucky draws, tehee!

If you wanted to participate this contest and share your story, feel free to drop by this link for more information!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. wtf............... u use me!!!

  2. hi kian fai! thanks for dropping by my place! :)

  3. I'm a fan of online spree :) Thks for sharing this!

  4. oh really?? that is interesting, maybe can get cool stuffs from that event huh..

  5. hahaha... I am kind of sceptical...

    what if I wanted to buy a DSLR from this guy, and then we meet up, and he's a total pervert, and take pictures of me with the DSLR he's supposed to sell to me...

    NOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~~ lol

    i can be quite imaginative =p

    still, maybe, some other days, when I am equipped with martial arts... HIAYAAAK!

  6. All the best to you~! :)

  7. Heard alot about this website but havent really check it out......

  8. Good luck...and yes I do find the is a better site compare to several sites i had in mind

  9. Hehe, nice experience bro. My first was with ebay. I used to sell things online early 2004. Those were also the time where we got many online scams especially from nigeria. Thankfully, our online experience have improved and we are more cautious nowdays.

  10. Nice to make a real friend online yeah, so are u still playing ur PS2??? :)

  11. Lelong !! Lelong :D
    Welcome to Lelong ....

    ♥ Juju ♥


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