Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Laser Warzone in i-City

Laser Warzone which is located in i-City Shah Alam, behind Old Town Coffee. It is slightly hard to look for this signboard is you didn't really walk and discover it. What you can do in Laser Warzone? Of course you can make small and BIG Tournamnet, can also celebrate a "Workout" Birthday Party in here! Some Company Team Building Session too! It wont hurt by playing this laser tag game if you fulfill all the requirement that given in Briefing Room before you enter the battleground.

Get to snap one photo inside the battleground, then other people staring at my grey shirt and laugh at me. Why? Because my shirt glow in the dark! Tips! Please wear darker color cloths!

Everyone of us is first timer for Laser Tag, so we need to get through this briefing ground before get it started. What I get from this briefing is No Physical Contact, No Speed Running, No Swearing and more! "This is Serious Business" on all of our faces! LOL!

The Monitor and the Model is to brief us what is going on about this game, where should we aim and more.

Formed up a team called SpyOptic. Overall we did a very good job, need to be clear what happen next time! LOL! And opposite team got 6 people, got bullied and gang bang. Janice looks like dam pro in Gun Shooting Competition, and Ken looks very strong too! But Isaac is a Black Horse who get score like mad at the Final Round!

A picture of First Runner Up with Staff of Laser Warzone. "You are Beautiful~!"

Champion of Laser Warzone, congrats! LOL!

And a group picture with all of us! Laser Warzone is dam cool! Overall it help me to sweat, walk, and exercise too! Less Pain, Sweat More! (Which mean tiring more, LOL)

The Pricing of Laser Warzone, if you plan to throw a big big big big Party in Laser Warzone, please call them for more information!

Please "Like" Laser Warzone Fanpage for more future update!
Visit Laser Warzone Website.

And also Remember to Seek for Awesome Update from MilkADeal Site too!

Update DEAL from MilkADeal 21st July, 2011: [50% OFF] RM 27 for 3 Games instead of RM 54 at Laser Warzone.

P.S.: See the Weekend Timing, They are asking you to go early on weekend for awesome laser game! And Morning Parking in i-City no need to Pay, be fast and get the fun experience with Laser Warzone!

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. Pew pew! :P I wannnnnna try, seems so fun and yes everyone seem so serious during briefing except for Tony HAHA

  2. looks very strong? ok ok only la :P

  3. Ooo..less painful than paintball! YEAH!!!

  4. lol, it was an awesome outing bro. Had superb fun! XD

  5. This is so fun! I tried this in S'pore many yrs ago with my colleagues & we'd so much fun :)

  6. Aisehh.Mcm sangat happy leh ! :(

  7. You make me feel like going nw. XD

  8. Paint balls i tried before but not this.. @_@ laser gun shouldn't be pain n get swallowen right?

  9. oooh good points on the parking on weekends. and aiya i forgot to share the group shot!


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