Monday, July 4, 2011

Inferno Habanero Hot Wings Challenge

Frontera, Sol of Mexico, open since June 2008, is a Bar and Grills. Which mean they serve Alcohol and some Food which is related in Western Food, mix culture such as Burger, Spicy Wings / Prawn and more! Try to check out the Menu some other days and it is located in Jaya One! (Very near ss2 Petaling Jaya)

Basically, I had participate in this Hot Wings Challenge tempted by one of my friend called Joanne. Well at first I was kind of nervous, but after try it, it is worth of experience after all. Picture above is the separate between Chicken and the Ultra Spiciness Sauce!

Chilies in the tube, the spice and the fierce mix together will become a blast of fire in everyone mouth! Just try to search what is the meaning of Habanero, it is a new knowledge for me. I cant even stand the smells of the spicy sauce because it smells like tomatoes at the same time too! 

Close up of the Inferno Habanero Hot Wings, one basket will have 6 pairs of Hot Wings. Contestant require to finish all the 6 wings within 2 minutes. Can you guys spot some seeds that is attach on the chicken wings? Tell you guys what, this is so scary by looking it. 

Joanne and Marcus, both of them scored 3 and Half pcs of Wings. Basically when the sauce is surrounded near your lips area, it practically burn slowly and it is so suffering.

Me and Henry Lee, I scored 3 Half and Henry scored 5pcs of Wings! I didn't know that he can eat that fast! It is dam hard to swallow it when I was trying to stuff the meat inside my mouth. And you can spot my tears is coming out from my eyes!

Leonard Loh and Trent Hoh, Leonard scored 3half and Trent scored 2pcs only. I guess that . . . it is very hard to eat huh?

A group photo within Contestant and Judges, basically no winner for the challenge because none of us finish all the wings in 2 minute. And the title of reward is still open and available! Winner will entitle a title called Frontera's Inferno King/Queen, photo of the winner will posted on their fan-page too!

If you want more information and update about event happening in Frontera, you can follow Frontera Twitter & Facebook. And also check out the Jaya One Twitter & Facebook too!

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. War...why all eat until mouth "bleeding"? Haha :D

  2. Kian Fai,

    Thanks for the post! :)

    But we don't use Ghost Chili. We only use Habanero.

    The jar with 3 types of chilis are: normal red chili, jalapeno pepper & habanero. It is just to show the different level of spiciness. He he :)

    Once again, thanks for the great pics! Hope to see you again soon!

    Ramesh V
    Frontera Sol of Mexico

  3. is it really that spicy haha.. i like spicy dishes but not extremely hot like that hahaha

  4. you know what kianfai... i feel like I want to drink a lot of water after this post haah
    by the way who won this game?

  5. lol at your dirty mouth :P

  6. OMG, that looks like plain normal chilies but after reading your description and looking at the photos - NO JOKE!!! i will never touch them~~ :p

  7. LOL, I hope you did remember to wipe your mouth clean, hehehe :P

  8. yor kesian.... everyone eat til lidat oso nobody won LOL

  9. alamak..Henry is so near.. 1 more to go.. should have swallow..wakka..:p

    sure its a great pic eh..with every 1 eat till the sauce all over the mouth . .

  10. wow! Why this challenge sounds so familiar? Did you watch man versus food before? Exactly the same thing! haha! Damn spicy! But i wanted to try , I am not afraid! xD i LOVEEEEEEEEEEE spicy food! >.<

  11. yerrr tak ajak again. jaya one's my workplace lol

  12. Lols I didn't know this! Or I'll come and take the challenge too! ^^ Btw, haha muka 10 years tak makan chicken wings! Lols!

  13. Haha your mouth! Why so much sauce one :p sure it will keep your burning dy :p

  14. lol... the fifth one also i feel like dying, if finish the sixth one maybe my mouth will vomit flames! :P

  15. I tried the Inferno Habanero. It wasn't even spicy!!! Seriously you guys are making a mountain out of a molehill. Ever heard of that saying? Anyways... I would've totally nailed it. I'm going to go to Frontera again this weekend. TOODLES NOOBS!!!!11


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