Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Discover in True Discovery at i-City

 Long time didnt come to i-City, surprisingly I can see there is a shop open and the shop name is very special and unique. It is called True Discovery @ i-City, you can see snake, tarantula and reptile at the signboard. Scary right? No worries let see what is inside this shop and you can discover more about it! It is very easy to find this place, it is right behind Old Town Coffee and in front of this shop got a very big decoration lighting tree.

 Mr. Francis, the person in charge of True Discovery. He explain everything from his mind, cool heh!

Iguana, this Iguana looks old and very calm. But when Francis walk away, this Iguana moved few step and scared some of us. Very funny hehe!

Some froggy, cant recall the type of from and the skin looks like chicken skin!

Did you see something inside there? Yes there is a mini lizard with superb thin and long tail! Spot it!

 Some other type of Lizard and Iguana alike, different species of it.

Knock Knock! This guy here looks like crocodile!

Hello! Your ancestor is T-Rex it is?

 Some Snake peeling own skin, progression may take around 2hours and depends on sizes too.

Hehe I am holding one of the Albino Snake which is have very friendly color, this Snake like to move around and wanted to kiss my face. The tongue is very scary, know I know why some people freak it out!

Me with one of the Parrot, remind you guys of something? I think I can cosplay one of the character from this Anime called One Piece, forgot what is the character name. This is one of the most friendly and calm parrot that I meet in this place, basically this parrot will kiss you with the instruction from the bird-keeper. There is more reptile, snake and spider tarantula in this place!

MilkADeal Sneak Peak Promotion 21st July, 2011: [50% OFF] RM 18 for 2 pax inclusive of a tour and a picture with Parrot or Snake instead of RM 36 at True Discovery.

Remember to "Like" True Discovery Facebook Fan-page too!

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. I've been to I-city and it really disappoints me.. need to pay for entrance and all the useless snowy and dinosaur land also need extra pay! And the so called snowy thingy stuff is just two shops with visible air-cond! Ish ish..

  2. I dont think I dare to hold the snake, maybe the parrot will do :P

  3. One of the reptile look like a dinosaur!! But I still like. Snakes are such a cute creature! Well, not the poisonous kinds la. LOL. Iguana!! cute cute!

  4. nice shop :) and can hold snake some more.. cool! XD

  5. I think i'll be helping you snapping pictures if i were there.Hahaha.

  6. Wow, so many new thing to do at iCity Shah Alam, so cool. The snake looks scary bro.

  7. Wah you dare to hold the snake.... =_=
    All of them seems scary to me la!


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