Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ABSOLUT with View Rooftop Bar

Hi, I am here to post about View Rooftop Bar, location is at G Tower Kuala Lumpur. When you in View Rooftop Bar, you will feel that you are in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and you can enjoy the cozy night view Kuala Lumpur too. How I go there? Basically this place is very near toward Ampang Park LRT Station, you can direct sit LRT from Wangsa Maju or Kelana Jaya, it is very fast and convenient too.

The view from the rooftop, please excuse the reflection of this photo. Hehe.

Outdoor of View Rooftop Bar, this picture taken on 7pm ++. Very cool environment and chill.

The Zen Feel, you can say Hi to KLCC from the view at Rooftop Bar too!

Entrance of Indoor of the Bar.

Interior of the Bar, we get to serve some finger food and some ABSOLUT taste of drinks. I get to taste few of the drink and I am not a drinker, cannot drink too much.

Absolut Strawberry Basil Smash

Absolut Cinnamon Martini

Absolut Passion Tini, thumbs up for this drink.

Absolut South Beach, slightly strong drink for me.

Absolut Pineapple Cardamon Martini, this drink is not bad. I love the pineapple taste.

Absolut Apple Rosemary Martini

This guy here is a Mixologist in this bar, name Junior. Serve some Vodka Shot on his beginning presentation!

Some Absolut drink in progress, squishing some fruits.

Served up some Absolut Choice to the guest.

Yeeing and Me.

Elwyn and Me.

Philip, Me, Jess and Caroline.

Chutipond, Genee, and Me.

Me and Louise, nice too meet you girl!

Last Picture, Awesome Me. Overall the cocktail session is smoking~ get to taste some unique drink definitely is my best night and ever with my friend. Thanks to Professional Melissa for the help by capturing this photo.

Remember to seek MilkADeal, I think the deal for this cocktail is up soon in this week or next week.
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Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. Niceee... macam tai ko saja.
    Will be takin the details of the cocktails from here =)

  2. super nice place! =) gotta get myself there!

  3. Tai ko kian Fai! Hehe. Nice writeup.

  4. tai kor hou yeng loooooooooo~you rocks dy hahaha XD


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