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X-Men First Class (2011)

X-Men First Class, watched this on 5th of June, 2011 (Sunday). Thanks to KyrilSoulX and this movie is worth to watch seriously! Is talking about the beginning of the X-Men, how they form up, how Eric (Magneto) and Charles (Professor X) meet up, unite and fight against and stop Sebastian Shaw big evil plan. Too bad human in this movie didn't see the truth and effort how Charles tying to stop Eric for destroying and harm other normal human. I will post some spoiler and detail about those mutant who had appear in this movie too.

Movie Trailer of X-Men First Class Movie. It is a must watch trailer before go to cinema and watch this movie.

 Left to Right: Eric - Magneto, Moira from CIA, Emma Frost, Azazel, Hank McCoy - Beast, Alex - Havok, Angel Salvadore (Tempest), Raven - Mystique, and Charles Xavier - Professor X. There is one or few mutant and character didn't mention in this picture too.

James McAvoy as Charles Xavier (Professor X), his power is Telepathy, similar power with Emma Frost and Jean Grey. He is using his power to calm people mind and trying to help those mutant who's suffering, he can sleep the people or create illusion in other people mind. He's also trying to recruit some mutant and make sure those mutant do not act bad and harm other humans. And also he provide training to mutants and teach them how to control their power in proper way.

Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy (Beast), his power is Genius Level Intellect, Super Human Speed - Strength - Stamina - Agility - Sense - Dexterity, Pheromone Manipulation - Razor Sharp Claws and Teeth, Regenerative Factor and Animal Physiology. [Spoiler] In this movie, he give himself a jab and end up the jab is manipulating his cells and turn him into blue skin become Beast Alike, which means he become strong in very very short time too. He is Doctor and Scientist, he is teaching and training with other X-Men too. Trying to make them stronger and pass down his studies, intellect and experience to others X-Men.

January Jones as Emma Frost, her ability is similar with Professor X and Jean Grey. Another of her ability is Diamond Form which contain super strength and durability. When in Diamond Form, others people who got telepathy ability cannot read her mind. She is very pretty and hot in this movie, because of her wearing . . . When Emma Frost is with Sebastian Shaw, both of them is too powerful and cannot be defeated (my opinion). In Marvel Comic, Emma Frost is one of the dangerous mutant in the story. Maybe because she is being creative while using her power.

Jennifer Lawrence as Raven (Mystique), she got lots of ability and Major is Shapeshifting, other ability is Combat Skill, Assassination, Superhuman Agility, Master Strategist, and one more ability is "AGELESS" LOL! She is slightly naive in this movie, and in other X-Men movie . . . she is cold blood and stand on Magneto side. There is lots of story about Mystique in Marvel Comic, you guys can simply Google search and there is tons of Mystique details on net.

Caleb Landry Jones as Banshee, his ability is Sonic Scream in this movie. His Sonic Scream may help him flight too! Like a blast of wave come out from his mouth and destroy his target. Meanwhile in Comic, maybe he is improving himself and his ability got Superhuman Hearing, Concussive Blasts, Sonic Energy Lances and Ability to cause Nausea too. He is funny in this movie, you guys should check it out!

Lucas Still as Alex Summers (Havok), his ability is Energy Blast. You can see he got similar ability with cyclops too. In Movie, he like to make fun of Beast about his big foot. In Comic, he is brother with Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Gabriel Summers (Vulcan), their father is Christopher Summers (Corsair). Complicated right? LOL I got the tempt that trying to read Marvel Comic now!

Michael Fassbender as Eric Lehnsherr (Magneto), his power is Magnetism Manipulation that can make him Magnetism Flight and Force Field. In this Movie, he is like a idiot and chasing his enemy who killed his mother. In my opinion, he is one of the strongest mutant in World of X-Men. Basically Wolverine is one of the long live mutant with Titanium Injection into bone and make his claw to become his ultimate weapon. Many people admired Wolverine but with Magneto single hand can easily stop Wolverine movement once and for all! LOL!

Rose Byrne as Moria MacTaggert, she is just a normal human, which is work for CIA to collect information about politician and wars. She manage to collect some precious information but end up the enemy is Sebastian Shaw and mutants. So she manage to work with Professor X and work out together and destroy Sebastian Shaw evil plan.

Jason Flemyng as Azazel, in this movie his ability is Teleport, Immortality, Master Swordsman and Dark Arts, he is working with Sebastian Shaw in this movie. Meanwhile in Comics, his son is Nightcrawler and his wife is Mystique. I know this while I watch Cartoon on TV but I dunno the father is Azazel. Azazel is awesome in this movie, no worries it wont disappointed you.

Alex Gonzalez as Riptide, his ability is create powerful wind from his hand or spin his body to create a greater tornado wind in this movie. In comic, he is a super villain and he spin his body to create greater speed and of course his ability is making him looks like God of Wind too.

Zoe Kravitz as Angel Salvadore, her ability is acid spit and flight. Nothing much about her in this movie and not too much spoiler about her too! But in comic she is powerful with her late ability, left hand is frost generation and right hand is heat/burn generation. Awesome?

Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw, his power is Metabolizes Kinetic Energy into greater physical attribute. In simple way, he can absorb the some power which is making him looks young and fine too. He also can absorb power from his enemy and make it stronger and reflect back to his enemy. And Magneto should thanks to him because the helm of Magneto is from Sebastian Shaw. Hehehe.

Overall this movie is really worth to watch, superb and slightly joke contain inside this movie. Guarantee is better than some previous episode about X-Men Movie. This movie I rate 8/10, and there is no post credit scene for this movie.

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai.


  1. I'm really excited to watch this film...Angel and Banshee are my fab

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    btw i love banshee~

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  6. Great review bro!

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