Thursday, June 9, 2011

Super 8 (2011)

First of all, I would like to thanks to NuffnangMY giving me this chance to watch this movie. Location is abit far but still manage make it to venue, it is at KLCC TGV Cinema hahaha! Using the cheapest and fastest way which is LRT from Kelana Jaya all the way to KLCC, we even have our own LRT gang right now! Tehee! This movie is directed and written by J. J. Abrams, producer is Steven Spielberg. I believe the title of the name called "Super 8" is related to camera film strip, and they are trying to advertise KODAK in this movie (I think so).

Super 8 Trailer Number 1. I like this trailer because at first impression I thought it was another super hero movie!

Super 8 Trailer Number 2. After watching this trailer 2, I change my mind because I may think that this movie is a thing gonna destroy entire village movie! LOL!

I love Charles reaction! The best in this movie perhaps! LOL! The train crash will affect any injury on them?
Timeline for this movie fall on year 1979, and this movie is about a group of teenage doing some filming project. One of this night, they film at nearby railway station, and they witness this accident car crash on train accident. After the accident, alot of weird case happen in all over the town. Dog missing, property and electricity problem, and other villager missing too!

Character introduction, Left to Right. Riley Giffiths as Charles, Camera man and make-up artist Joel Courtney as Joe Lamb, The person who hold the gun is Gabriel Basso as Martin, Zach Mills as Preston and Elle Fanning as Alice Dainard.

 One more character which is Ryan Lee as Cary, whos always act zombie in Charles movie, and love to play fire and fire crackers! Joe Dad don't really like him though. They film for Charles, I think Charles is not a really genius but a crap junior director. All the idea come out slowly one by one with the incident happen.

What is Alice doing in Joe bedrooms? And what is the purpose and function of the Cubes? The shape of cubes seems to have many other of them to link it together. 

Left to Right. Richard T. JonesOvermyer and Noah Emmerich as Nelec, both of this soldier is not a good soldier. Because they are hiding lots of secret towards 20thousand of people in the town and don't want to tell about train crash secret.

 So this time the town is under attack! What happen next? And how the soldier can assist them? And what's up with their reaction? LOL! Ok I gonna post about what is Super 8 secret "creature" over here, the cargo train is fetching one monster, which is looks like human tarantula, and very muscular too! Ok that's the Super 8 secret "creature" I shared! Satisfy?

Intro 2 father of the youngster in this movie, Kyle Chandler as Jackson Lamb and Ron Eldard as Louis Dainard.
Family Reunite! So you see their reaction, what is with the face? And what they saw? And actually it is happy to see this, 2 of the family, Joe and Alice is together. Which means is happy ending? Because they looks relief.

Overall this movie I think is worth to watch! Plot, Storyline and actor acting it seems to be fine for me. I would like to mark up my rate for this movie to 8/10. Trust me, watch it in big screen and prepare to discover what is the secret "creature" they saw inside the story!

Remember not to rush yourself to leave cinema, there is a short clip about Charles Movie too! He name it as "Case", enjoy it!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. i watched the trailer, thinking it was quite... weird? lol.. kinda interesting, but not sure if i'll watch it or not :P

  2. not sure will watch or not. but looks good! :)

  3. oh a period film... sounds interesting....I wonder what creature is that....

  4. waaah you spoiled it LOL... I see that's why they called it Super 8... must watch this film too... will check this out...

  5. I still wonder why call Super 8? I like the train crash part... its awesome for me...

  6. How come you always get so many clips to do your review ar?

  7. Kian fai... I dono it's my problem or what.. I found this movie so aimless...xP

  8. Sounds like a good movie to watch o. :D

  9. Not really into movies like this :P

  10. So what is this movie about actually? Looks interesting but I hope it won't be an anti climax kind of movie : )

  11. so nice you got free movie from Nuffnang, have not watched this movie yet.. hey, did you realised now movies like to use numbers in the title?? 2012, I am Number 4, Super 8.. maybe the next one will be Give Me 5!! haha~~ :D


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