Saturday, June 4, 2011

Project One & Only Grand Finale (2011)

Project One & Only Grand Finale, held on 3rd of June, 2011 at Canteen, PJ Trade Centre. Event start on 7pm and I am so late for this. First of all I would like to thanks QuaChee for inviting me to his event, and of course thanks to him, I will have this chance to participate in Online King and Queen Contest.

When I reach the destination, Li May is explaining her slides in detail way to all of us and the judges. I know slightly about her slide is to help out a poor family kids that with sick and others family in Malaysia. And she's selling her cupcakes at her own University and College too! Make sure you support her alright!

While Li May busy with her slide, the other 4 Finalists is on the bench waiting their turns to get on with it. Megat and Thevan is posing infront of camera phone and Shannon chatting with Puteri. Actually I like Puteri Slide which is "No Plastic Bag", if I meet her again I will make sure myself no plastic bag with me, or else I will feel guilty. LOL!

The crowds on Project O&O Grand Finale Night. Canteen is a small cafe and surprisingly that can put lots of audience inside this event.

Thevan is presenting his presentation to everyone and the fellow judges. He got his awesome project too! And I do hope and pray that Thevan will be success in his project and help many kids in the Village area of Pahang.

Shannon has been chosen to become Youth Ambassador of Project O&O, first runner up is Thevan. QuaChee and all the 5 Finalists of Project O&O.

The fellow judges and Top 5 Finalists. All looks great and fine!

Judges: Zenny from The Biggest Loser Asia, Samuel Tan from Virtigo Studio Photography, Amber Chia from Amber Chia Academy and one of the icon in Malaysia, Dr. Raslan Ahmad from Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia, and last one is Dr. Teh Su Thye from Global Peace Festival Malaysia.

QuaChee, founder of Project One & Only. He's very excited about his own event and it is a very successful one! Lots of hard work and effort he has done for this Project O&O and I would like to congratulate him!

Congratulation to Ms. Caroline for winning the title of Online Queen from Project One & Only. You may check out her blog and her tweet about what she thinks about Project O&O, and also she have pass a mission to me too, a sealed white letter lol!

Congratulation to Ms. Shannon again and her Slide is a very good idea too which is conclude everything in one slide without any obstacle. Judges say that she need to put more emotion into the way she do her slide presentation. LOL! Oh well I think that Shannon did a very good job! Cheers!

 Last and not least not to forget to mention Julie's is one of the sponsor of goodies bag for Project O&O too! Inside got lots of flavored and varieties biscuit and most of them is my favorite too especially cheese flavor!

Anyways is a great night for me with the secret letter from Caroline. Hehehe!

Thanks for Reading, By Kian Fai


  1. congrats to shannon again! sad that fruitman is not there to support...

  2. Thanks Kian Fai =D

    jFook - send more fruits my dear fruitman!

  3. Congrats to Shannon for winning this! :D wohoo!

  4. Ahh!! Shannon!!! And... I love her hair!! =O

  5. oh there is a winner already... congrats to the first Youth Ambassador in Malaysia Cheers... it must be a top responsibility

  6. ahaha Caroline caught not listening haha

  7. Congratsss Shannon :P and I wonder what is the content in that secret letter :P

  8. This is a good post! Keep it up, Kian Fai! :)

  9. heya ur welcome! glad 2 cu at the event :)


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